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8 Gorgeous Glass Bongs for $300 and Under

If you love color and design yet don't want to drop a pretty penny on a glass piece, check out our list of the eight best creative bongs under $300.

What Is a Gravity Bong and How Do You Make One?

Learn what a gravity bong is, how it works, and follow a quick and easy guide on how to make your own version using household materials.

The Trouble With Tribble: Inside the Mind of a Unique Glass Artist and Cannabis Advocate

Want to know what it's like designing some of the best bongs and pipes on the market? We spoke to Scoz of Scoz Glass to talk about the ins and outs of the glass art industry.

Bogus Bongs or Bogus Lawsuits? Pipe Maker Sues Shops Over Fakes

High-end bong maker Roor is suing pipe shops, demanding $14k for selling fakes. Shop owners cry foul.

Cool and Artistic Bongs With an Expensive Price Tag

If your pockets are itching to spend upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, check out these cool, artistic, but very expensive high-end bongs.

Taking the 3D-Printed Bong to the Next Level

For all the hubbub around 3D printing, it’s still rare to encounter an honest-to-goodness 3D-printed object. Cannabis could very quickly change that.

7 Tips for Making Your Own Homemade Pipes and Bongs

Find helpful tips and hacks from the Leafly community for the next time you want to make a homemade pipe, bong, or another cannabis smoking device.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Cannabis Glass Products

'Tis the season to upgrade your glass collection! From bongs to pipes and beautiful bubblers, these offerings will put a smile on any cannabis connoisseur's face.

How to Clean and Take Care of a Bong or Bubbler

Bongs and bubblers are a great way to enjoy cannabis, but can be a chore to clean. Learn some easy ways to clean them and keep them in pristine condition.

Bongs Have an Image Problem in Europe. Here Are 6 Ways to Fix It

Europe has a history of blown-glass artistry that stretches back hundreds of years. So why do bongs still get a bad rap?

Buying Bongs Online: 9 Outrageous Myths About Purchasing From Online Headshops

Buying bongs from an online headshop is legal no matter what state you live in, and can and should be affordable, professional, and hassle-free.

The Leafly Bong Experiment: What Happens When You Replace Bong Water With Other Liquids?

We put one of the greatest "high-deas" ever to the test and replaced bong water with various liquids. Needless to say, the results were surprising.

How Does a Bong Work? A Guide to the Water Pipe

Bongs are one of the most common forms of consuming cannabis. Learn how their parts work together to create a smooth, cool smoke.

5 Traits to Look for in a Quality, Modern-Day Head Shop

If you’re an inexperienced cannabis consumer and want to visit a head shop, here are five traits to look for to ensure it's a quality establishment.

Ancient Russian Warrior Race Pre-Funked Battles with Cannabis Packed in Gold Bongs

A team of archaeologists in the Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia recently unearthed two bongs made of pure gold that date back over 2,400 years.