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Introducing Leafly’s New Cannabis Strain Identifier Tool

April 1, 2015

We receive a lot of great feedback and feature requests from our Leafly users, but one suggestion comes up over and over again, prompting us to take action and build a new cannabis strain identifier tool. In the past few years, you asked (and asked…and asked) for a tool that would make every cannabis connoisseur’s life a lot easier:

“If you could take pictures of weed and have the app identify what strain it was”

“Be able to take pictures of da weed that you have and leafly tell you what it is”


“I wish you guys could have a photo search to try and find mystery strains!”

“Hey i really want to know what strain this is can i send you guys a pic 🙂 “

We at Leafly heard you loud and clear, and our Research and Development team put in the man hours to study the science of what you need. Today we’re excited to debut the result of those man hours: Leafly’s brand-new Marijuana Analysis Recognition Interpreter, or, as our team affectionately (and appropriately) refers to her, MARI.

Upload a photo of your mystery cannabis strain to MARI and she’ll analyze the image and cross-check it against our proprietary algorithm of sophisticated factors to determine which strain you actually have. Here’s a screenshot of MARI in action:

MARI cannabis identifier tool analyzing a marijuana bud

MARI is currently in beta mode, so check her out for yourself and let us know what you think!

  • BlankMan

    wow it was right

    • Michael Patrick

      does it work?

  • Jose Valley

    Can I take a photo of a clone and upload it on the MARI app to receive details?

  • Amazing, thought it was a hoax. Great work leafly.

    • Michael Patrick

      does it really work

  • Tyree Northrop
    • Steve Wilson

      Not sure what strain but it’s certainly Sativa

    • D Smith

      They look like females when I zoomed in on the picture. Please let us know if they were

  • Anthony Peters

    NOT FUNNY!!!!!

  • Eric Wetzel

    It is a joke. Is said april fool’s to me

  • Kind Savage

    I found some seeds in a baggie that was in an old tool box I hadnt used in 25 years at least. I put 3 seeds in water and soaked them for a few hours. Then in a non soil sub straight After 4 days one of the seeds sprouted. I then transferred it to soil. It grew twice as fast as anything I have ever grown before. It was very healthy and when I put it into flower stage. Its got HUGE pollen bags on it and very nice buds. I still have the plant. I put it back into veg after harvest. I would love to find out what strain it is. I believe it to be Indica. Any suggestions.?