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Leafly Buzz: World’s top hash for Oil Day 2023

Published on July 5, 2023 · Last updated July 6, 2023
closeup of nearly white contentrate against a black and gold background
Wooksauce 6-star hash. (Photo by Kandid Kush, courtesy Wooksauce)

The headiest of holidays has arrived as the hash world preps to celebrate 7/10.

If you hold your laptop upside down, you’ll quickly notice 710 when inverted spells out “oil.” Back when Task Rok and the other hash forefathers figured it out they decided to turn it into a holiday more than a decade ago. 

While we don’t smoke much oil anymore, we still love hash! To this day, 7/10 remains the biggest celebration of hash in North America, and the Euros ate this one up a lot easier than 4/20; so they’re in, too. 

Here are some of our favorite hash companies from around the globe in honor of the holiday. 

Hanami Gardens

(Courtesy Hanami)
The Canary Islands’ finest: Hanami Gardens. (Courtesy Hanami)

If you find yourself a few hundred kilometers off the coast of Africa smoking some of the best hash of your life, there is a reasonable chance you’ve got a hold of some Hanami Gardens. The pride of the Canary Islands when it comes to hash, it’s easy to argue Hanami is a top-five European hash player. Their single-sourced material is some of the nicest flowers we’ve seen outside of the U.S., never mind the hash they are making from it. 

Hash and Flowers

Cherry Chem from Hash & Flowers. (Hash & Flowers)
Cherry Chem from Hash & Flowers. (Courtesy Hash & Flowers)

California’s Hash and Flowers have had a monster few years. And sure, Honey Banana this, Honey Banana that, I get it. But it should be noted they have a lot of other crazy flavors that have come down the pipeline over the years from a variety of different terpene profiles. This includes some of my favorite runs ever of Wilson F3 and the elusive Watermelon Zkittelz. Hash and Flowers’ disposable vape pens are also among the hardest hitters. 

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Deo Farms x HolyWater Sneaky Link. (Jiimi Devine)
Deo Farms x HolyWater Sneaky Link. (Jiimi Devine for Leafly)

The HolyWater team has always been there—riding along with hash history and evolving for the times. The Oakland-based company brought some of the first wet terps to the market in the age of shatter before we were really starting to see any BHO badders at scale. It was a revolution. They’ve kept up with the times and bagged a whole bunch of awards in the process. Their most recent collaboration with Deep East Oakland Farms is just further evidence that despite their longevity and various formats over the years, they are still right there at the top. 


The week of Spannabis is the largest on the hash calendar outside of North America by a mile. In addition to the awards handed out by Spannabis for elite hash, events like The Ego Clash Barcelona, Masters of Rosin, and Dab-A-Doo are each considerable prizes in their own right. Dochazed found himself on every podium that weekend with much of the material coming from last year’s Ego Clash Barcelona flower champ Unobtainium Artisan Floristry. They were all absolute fire, he even let me pick his Ego Clash entry from the two finalists he had left before the contest. It was super-flattering! 


The Banana God that Simpleeadam brought to The Ego Clash in Northern California this year was some of the most highly regarded hash in some time. In a room full of some of the greatest hash minds on the planet, everyone was “simplee” blown away by the terps he was able to preserve in the extraction process. This is also another hash hit for Compton, CA and the team at Masonic Seed Co. Expect to see a lot of people attempt to mirror Simpleeadam’s success with the strain, but seeing is believing in this case. 

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Wooksauce Winery

Wooksauce 6-star hash. (Courtesy Wooksauce)
Wooksauce 6-star hash. (Photo by Kandid Kush; Courtesy Wooksauce)

The husband and wife team at Wooksauce Winery have firmly staked their claim for real estate in the upper echelons of the hash market. The Emerald Cup win in 2022 was more of a validation of the work they were putting forward than some big surprise. Also in a world that is ready to press everything into rosin, Wooksauce is dropping some of the finest melts in the game and actually giving people a shot at having access to real six-star hash. 


If you’re on the hunt for spectacular affordable terps this holiday season, this is definitely the brand on this list that will win the battle. 

Sister company to the multiple-time Emerald Cup champions at Kalya. While the quality holds up with anybody on the list, the price is more in line with the name. Community makes great concentrates accessible to consumers at very fair prices. Community’s rise has also mirrored that of Kalya’s over the past couple of years. The company now has a presence from The Emerald Triangle all the way to San Diego. If you’re on the hunt for spectacular affordable terps this holiday season, this is definitely the brand on this list that will win the battle. 

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Uncle’s Farm

Piattella is finally on the map in North America. I wrote about it last year but didn’t know it was called that. Thankfully, Roger from Puffco was here to save you from my ignorance and use the digital dab movement to carve piattella’s place in cannabis hype history. Among European hash circles, it’s basically illegal to use the P-word without giving some type of homage to the piattella godfathers at Uncle’s Farm who helped backbone its rise onto the Spanish hash scene a few years ago. The pandemic was a big reason you didn’t hear about the process sooner. Numerous American hash extractors are currently experimenting in hopes of creating something that looks remotely like Uncle’s Farm. 

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Nature’s Lab

Nature's Lab Sour Donkey, grown by Kaya Farms.
Nature’s Lab Sour Donkey, grown by Kaya Farms. (Jimi Devine)

Another company that has smoothly made the transition to the solventless era is Nature’s Lab. Don’t get us wrong, the C4 they entered into the Desert Smoke-off in 2019 was crazy heat, but times have changed a lot over the last few years when it come to the availability of great solventless and people don’t appreciate well-done BHO like they should. But given the OG “nature” of the company they have access to some spectacular material from great farmers. The Sour Donkey from Kaya Farms pictured here is an excellent example. 

Mountain Man Melts

Mountain Man Melts (Jimi Devine)
Mountain Man Melts (Jimi Devine)

One of the Emerald Triangles fastest rising rec brands, Mountain Man Melts is one of the shining gems of quality available to consumers. In a world where people lean on Zkittelz and candy terps because so many strains aren’t commercially viable, Mountain Man has a spread of funky terps that will knock your socks off. The loudest of the pack being their new Fatso runs hitting the market. They used AI to design the label!

Punch Extracts

When it came to helping consumers who weren’t as savvy about terps, few things have proven as useful as Punch Extracts’ tier system. It made it a lot easier for people to understand how the producer was dictating the quality of the products as opposed to just looking up at the prices on the menu. And the Tier Ones really are something special. The Punch team tossed me a jar of the Ramblatan at The Emerald Cup awards show, had it been in the contest I bet it would have ended up in the top ten. Absolutely wild and special terps. 

West Coast Alchemy

Zushi (Courtesy of Sour Wavez)
Zushi (Courtesy of Sour Wavez)

Few names get California Hash Heads as excited as West Coast Alchemy. Long known for their excellent flavors and collaborations with the likes of huge names like Symbiotic Genetics, the terps coming out of West Coast Alchemy have always done the talking. Sometimes things get a little bit more hype than usual—as was the case recently with their Zushi rosin drop in collaboration with The Ten Co. The limited batch of 76 two-gram jars were fetching $1,000 dollars a pop. Nothing else has ever come close to those kinds of numbers. 

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Highland Grown

(Courtesy Resinwraps)
Resin Wraps glass-tipped joints use hash as the rolling paper. (Courtesy Highland Grown)

The pride of Scottish cannabis, Highland Grown isn’t just producing the best hash we’ve seen from the Scottish highlands but also the best flower. It was absolutely immaculate and mate it easy to understand why the hash was coming out so good. The star of the show is their Resin Wraps, think of a preroll with the paper swapped out for hash. They are quite the party and have done well on the European contest circuit. There is a solid argument to be made that Highland Grown is producing the best hash and flower in the UK period. 

And that’s a fat dab of first-class hash from around the world. Have a happy 7/10 Oil Day, even if every day is a good day for extracts.

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Jimi Devine
Jimi Devine
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