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Leafly Buzz: 14 world-class hashes of summer 2022

Published on July 13, 2022 · Last updated August 23, 2022
14 banger, must-try hashes from this side of the Atlantic to the other. It’s Leafly Buzz for July! Above, a hash worm slides into a Fidel’s hash hole.
Emerald Cup '22 judge and pot critic Jimi Devine spotlights 14 world-class extracts of the summer. Above, a rosin worm slides into a Fidel’s hash hole. (Courtesy Fidel's)

America’s hash holiday 7/10 went off bigger than ever this year, with concentrate sales jumping 66% above average, according to Headset data. And there’s every reason to keep on the gas, Leafly nation. 

Concentrates have had a wild decade. For years, many were enamored with the latest hydrocarbon extraction tech (aka BHO). People loved dabs. 

Eventually, an accident with a hair straightener would introduce us to solventless dabs (aka rosin). By 2017, they were all the rage.

These days, taxes, red tape, and competition make it more complicated than ever for hydrocarbon companies to survive. One recent former BHO world champ told me they closed up shop due to the economics of it.

There is certainly more hash than ever. Just go look at all the press releases over the last year that want the world to know they make hash now. But once you get through the flood of mids with questionable commercial viability, you’ll find your way to the heat.

We’re wildly confident that all of the extracts on this list sit at the mountaintop of excellence. From cookie dough to pre-rolls, to the meltiest melts, we’ve got the goods to keep 7/10 going all summer long. 

Hassan’s Strawberry Limeade 159u – 90u

Let me see that tootsie roll: Hassan’s Strawberry Limeaid bubble hash. (Jimi Devine/Leafly)
Let me see that tootsie roll: Hassan’s Strawberry Limeaid bubble hash. (Courtesy Hassan)

Heading to Europe this summer? The first thing many will notice when they get exposed to Catalonia’s cannabis scene is the hash is generally a higher quality across the board than much of the flower. But then you meet the guys who actually have the best flower—like California-competitive—and you see the real European mountaintop for concentrates. Hassan was that guy. Not only was every jar of hash he showed us amongst the best we saw at Spannabis, but Iberian Runtz was also probably the best flower we saw after the Ego Clash-winningZ-Cube

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Kiva Hash Infused S’mores bar

(Courtesy KIVA)
(Courtesy KIVA)

Kiva moving towards hash-infused edibles and away from distillates and all the other weird concoctions people have come up with to put weed in things is awesome. Why? It shows the biggest dogs can do it. Hash-infused sounded bougie just a couple of years ago, but now things like Kiva’s S’mores bar are making it the norm. It’s a much better body high than the cheap oils many edible companies use.

Cosmic Edibles Hash Infused Cookie Dough

(Courtesy Cosmic Edibles)
(Courtesy Cosmic Edibles)

Not since the voters of California forced the 100-milligram edible ban on us has there been such a hype edible in the cannabis game. Even worse, we would have had this cookie dough years ago if the founder’s friends hadn’t convinced him to cook it. You’re probably asking yourself salmonella questions, fair. But fear not! It’s vegan and perfectly fine to consume raw. It’s also loaded with hash from the multiple-time world champions over at Kalya Extracts!

America’s yummiest THC gummies of summer 2022

22Red Arizona Papango Punch

(Courtesy 22Red)
(Courtesy 22Red)

Shavo Odadjian has taken his act on the road but he’s leaving his bass at home. The System of a Down bassist continues to expand his three-year-old company into multiple states. Our pick for 22Reds inaugural concentrate drop in Arizona is Papango Punch. 22Red noted it was crafted from three purple strains Modified Grapes, Grape Milkshake, and Purple Apricot. While the world is starting to lean towards solventless, great purples are one of the things that don’t wash. They didn’t do well during the shatter era, either. But when it comes to wet hydrocarbon terps they do well, and Arizona should be ready for a full-bodied, indica-leaning high. 

America’s winning weed Strains of Summer 2022

Kalya x Alien Labs Sherbanger f2 #11

Some of the finest hash collaborations in recent memory came from Alien Labs and Kalya pairing up to make the heat. Their latest efforts that will be hitting shelves soon across California are no different. Among the new lineup, inside sources tell us the Sherbanger F2 #11 (Sunset Sherbert x Headbanger) is the one to keep an eye out for. Since Kalya has been the world champs a few times and Ted from Alien Labs has been helping judge the hydrocarbon side at The Emerald Cup the last few years, if they’re excited, you should be excited.

Hash and Flowers Honey Banana

A picture of a light rosin ball in a dark jar on a black baground. Pre-legalization brand Hash and Flowers returns to legal dispensary shelves with gorgeous, terpy, single-source, vertically integrated Strawberry Guava live rosin. (Courtesy Hash and Flowers)
(Courtesy Hash and Flowers)

In the hurricane of hype that was 2021, few brands rocketed to the top faster in any sector of the cannabis industry than Hash and Flowers. There is an argument to be made that only Flower Mill grinders had a bigger year in terms of exploding onto the scene. This rise was backboned by the candy terps of their Honey Banana pheno they went on to pair with a lot of other great stuff. Some of the other recent standouts from them include the Wilson F3 and the best Watermelon Zkittlez hash I have seen to date. It’s also all competitively priced compared to rosins of similar quality.

Sunset Connect Temple Ball

Balls to the wall: A Frenchy-style pressed hash ball. (Courtesy Sunset Connect)

In honor of the late, great Frenchy Cannoli we’ve got some Temple Balls in the mix. Before his passing Frenchie was the best solventless hash extraction teacher in the world as he taught about the tech and traditions he brought back from the high mountain passes of Asia. The Sunset Connect team is among Frenchie’s pupils and the best representation of old-school hash processing techniques available in the recreational marketplace in California. It’s a lot different from BHO and rosin, but a temple ball hookah party is undeniably an experience any true hash enthusiast must cross off their bucket list. Rest in peace, Frenchy! 

Heritage Whitethorn Rose rosin

Huckleberry Hill Farms’ Whitethorn Rose strain (above) makes for rose-like, floral blond hash rosin. (Courtesy Heritage)

If not for one of the best runs of Papaya ever, Whitethorn Rose would have taken home first place in both the Rosin and Water Hash categories at The Emerald Cup. The Whitethorn Rose that Heritage processed into some of the terpiest hash of the year came from Huckleberry Hill Farms. It’s a family cut that the farm cut they passed through the generations and its sister pheno has tested for over 50 different terpenes. Now that it’s so coveted if you see any Whitethorn Rose hash anywhere pull the trigger quick, there isn’t much to go around. 

Fidel’s Hash Hole

14 banger, must-try hashes from this side of the Atlantic to the other. It’s Leafly Buzz for July! Above, a hash worm slides into a Fidel’s hash hole.
That’s a snake or worm of rosin getting dropped into exotic flower. (Courtesy Fidel’s)

The era of the Barcelona-inspired hash hole is upon us. What’s the story? Fidel watched some local enthusiasts roll one in celebration of their weed making it from America on a trip to Spain before the pandemic. He brought the concept back to California and now collaborates with some of the state’s best cultivators. Despite being the most expensive, they fly. Fidel is launching his new facility in Adelanto. Once the cultivation is on point the rosin-loaded pre-rolls will be a lot more accessible to the masses. 

The Original Z Zeuz Pod

The Zeuz pod system vibrates when you hit it and emits Zkittlez vapor. (Courtesy The Original Z)
Z life: The small, potent, tasty, custom Zeuz pod system. (Courtesy The Original Z)

If there was a last supper portrait of the people that brought us the terpenes of the generation, The Original Z team would have a couple of the seats at the table. What the point of having some of the best flavors in the world if you’re going to skimp, though, so for their inaugural vaporizer effort they went with C-cell’s best technology to bring their terps to the wider masses. The Zeuz pod has been firmly entrenched at the top of the vape market since launching last fall and doesn’t look to be knocked from the mountaintop any time soon.

Paisley Acres Tagalong Truffle

(Courtesy Paisley Acres)

Thin Mint x (Bruce Banner x Apollo) bred by @TheDankyBank is an absolute heater and some of the best hash we’ve seen out of the midwest this year. It has the wildest cheesy funk you could imagine. It is honestly hard to believe it’s a cookies cross and not something from an exotic dairy case where the cows only drank beer or something.

Unobtainium Artisan Floristry (UAF) Z-Cube Hash

UAF Z-Cube. (Courtesy UAF)

More commonly known as @Sativa_Engineering on Instagram, UAF is producing some of the finest flowers in Spain. And given the best flowers produce the best hash, it’s no surprise the water hash they showed us from their Z-Cube that won Ego Clash Barcelona this March. The actual wash was done by @__dochazed__ who placed second at Masters of Rosin this year. It was probably the best Z concentrate I’ve ever seen that wasn’t directly from Mendocino County and was truly artisanal hash in every sense of the phrase. 

Suprize Suprize Infused Pre-roll

(Courtesy Suprize Suprize)

The team at Suprize Suprize and sister company Royal Key reigned supreme from the top of the hydrocarbon podium for years. They’ve now moved away from the dabs that made them famous to focus on their equally exotic flower, while taking their solventless game to the next level. The infused pre-roll is made with in-house tech they say allows them to infuse the joints with live trichome heads before packaging. Expect these to gain steam in the marketplace quickly. 

Beezle Grape Octane

(Courtesy Beezle)

If you’re a BH-NO and you’re still here, get ready to celebrate this year’s Emerald Cup Champions, the long-time killers at Beezle Extracts. For 7/10 we’re recommending that you check out Beezle’s Grape Octane live resin badder. It’s a collaboration they put processed with fresh material from Luma Farms out of Petaluma, California. Expect to enjoy an earthy, grape/purple flavor reminiscent of some Granddaddy aromas from a decade ago. It also brings a highly sedative high.

And that’s it—14 banger, must-try hashes from this side of the Atlantic to the other. Hope you had a stoney 7/10, may the terps be with you. Leafly Buzz returns to round up west coast fire flower in August!

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Jimi Devine
Jimi Devine has been involved in cannabis law reform since 2005, and has worked in the Berkeley cannabis industry since 2009, when he moved to California from Lynn, Massachusetts. Currently serving as LA Weekly's cannabis columnist, he's also written for the San Francisco Chronicle's Green State, Cannabis Now Magazine, High Times, 7x7 Magazine, and in Ed Rosenthal's recent book, This Bud's for You. Jimi has a BA in journalism and media studies from Franklin Pierce University.
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