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The Leafly Strain Reviews Hall of Fame: Steve Buscemi, Personified Ice Cream, and Bye Bye, Alderaan

September 30, 2014

It’s that time again! The end of the month means a compilation of strain reviews that made us smile and the hilariously inventive Leafly users who submitted them.  We ponder, we shudder, we giggle-snort. Here’s the best of the best of September:

Cinderella 99

In the world of celebrity strains, Cinderella 99 is totally a teen heartthrob.

“On a scale of Steve buscemi to Channing Tatum…it's defitnely a zac Efron.” 

Banana OG

Sometimes the joy that is food is so amplified by a good smoke session that you just might want to give that ice cream cone a big ol' hug.

"Smoked this. About 20 mins later I felt like a little girl skipping through a wheat field towards an ice cream with arms n legs before a choc chip cookie, also with arms and legs, skipped towards us making the happiest group hug I've ever had inside a baskin robbins. =)"

Blue Dream

TMI, my friend. TMI.

"Very calm high, I feel nice an relaxed and when I pee, everything feels right."

Speaking of Blue Dream, here's another gem of a review. We really appreciate the apt visualization here. What does blue taste like, exactly? What does dream taste like, either? 20th floor, please.

"You can really distinguish the blue from the dream. Had me up like an elevator going from the fourth floor to the twentieth."

Jack Herer

Apparently, Grandma really loved her wine……and perhaps some Jack Herer?

"reminds me of my grandmas house…smells heavily of wine grapes"

Death Star

That thing's operational!

"after a few hits of this it was bye bye alderaan."

Sour Diesel

You say that and yet, here we are…..

"I smoked too much of this. I shouldn't even be writing a review."

Cannalope Haze

*Nods sagely*

"Hey, babe. Guess what?" "What?" "Part way through my whistling, I was wondering where the sound was coming from."

Amnesia Haze

I see what you did there.

"I think I smoked this before. I cant remember."

Green Crack

Sometimes you're Professor X, sometimes you're the mutant punk on the run.

"Had me feeling like dr.xavier from the xmen hooked up to cerebro and mentally looking for punk rock mutants who were stoned in amsterdam. Never found them though."

photo credit (cropped): Kalexanderson via photopin cc

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