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Leafly Users’ 9 Favorite Cannabis Concentrate Brands

Published on July 11, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Flower and edibles are great, but sometimes you need something with a little bit more punch to it. That’s where concentrates come into play. We took to our Leafly Instagram page and asked Leafly users for their go-to brands in the concentrates game. After receiving hundreds of answers, these were the brands that came up repeatedly.

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Viola Extracts (@violalabs)

Available in: Colorado, Oregon, California, and Michigan (with plans to expand into Arizona and Nevada in 2019)

Viola Extracts is a company founded by NBA-veteran-turned-cannabis-entrepreneur Al Harrington. Named after his grandmother, the story of Viola is this: Al had been treating his multiple basketball-related injuries with CBD oils and topicals. He recommended CBD-based products to his grandma for her multiple I’ve-lived-a-very-long-time-related ailments instead of the ineffective medication she’d been prescribed by her doctors. Suddenly, after years of being unable, Viola could see the words on her Bible (there’s a whole documentary about it).

Viola produces a number of products including premium flower, vapes, extracts, live resin, and shatter.

Dirty Arm Farm (

Available in: Oregon

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Dirty Arm Farm seems to be another crowd favorite. Winner of the Oregon Dope Cup 2015 People’s Choice award for Live Resin, runner-up in the Oregon Dope Cup 2016’s Best Live Resin category, and winner for Best CBD Concentrate, Dirty Arm Farm is a company based in Oregon that specializes in concentrates. Using premium flower, they produce four strains of live resin: Acai Berry, Invader, Jack Herer, Lemon Diesel, as well as an Adabinol Cannabinoid Syrup.

Heylo Cannabis (@heylocannabis)

It's #TerpeneTuesday and we have some hot-off-the-press research to share! First, this is raw, high-terpene CO2 cannabis extract. This high-CBD Green Crack has a beautiful color and aroma because (1) it came from high-quality, pesticide-free flower, not trim. (2) it was carefully processed on an @EdenLabs Hi-Flo (3) we didn't rush the process, we let the plant do it's thing. Terpenes are light and volatile. They are easily destroyed. Preserving them takes patience and science. And why does it matter? A research study from the University of Genoa, Italy published this year revealed significant changes in brain activity from the inhalation of terpenes. Participants self-reported that they were more "energetic, relaxed and calm" from smelling various terpenes. These results suggest that the inhalation of essential oils (terpenes) of Cannabis could be useful in affecting "neuromodular activity in cases stress, depression and anxiety." — 😇 — #cannabis #terps #cbd #thc #terpenes #terpsauce #mmj #marijuana #energy #anxiety #stress #research #cannabinoids #TerpeneTalk #terpenefiend #terpenesdontlie #brain #neurology #science #STEM #depression #treatment #news #oil #710 #greencrack

A post shared by Heylo Cannabis Extracts (@heylocannabis) on

Available in: Washington

Heylo Cannabis is a company that specializes in crafting high-terpene extracts as well as CBD and rare-cannabinoid strains. They pride themselves on only using full-bud cannabis to create their products—never trim or sugar leaf—as well as their terpene preservation methods that enhance the taste and experience for their customers.

The_DiamondBaron (@the_diamondbaron)

🤩🤩🤩 #diamondbaron

A post shared by 💎🎩🌂 Aka The TerpBaron (@the_diamondbaron) on

Available in: California

It’s pretty tough to find information on The Diamond Baron brand of concentrates as they have no information listed on their Instagram—or anywhere else, really. However, our Leafly users seem to love them. All I know is that the Diamond Baron is stationed in Los Angeles, California, and they do collaborations with companies based there.

Heavy Hitters (@HeavyHittersTPC)

Available in: California

Heavy Hitters is a company based in California that produces high-quality vape cartridges. Their product assortment includes 1g cartridges, 2.2g cartridges, disposable cartridges, and a 1:1 THC:CBD cartridge.

House of Cultivar (@house_of_cultivar)

Available in: Washington

Winners of the 2017 Dope Award for Best Indoor Grow in Washington, House of Cultivar currently owns the largest cannabis-production facility in Seattle. They produce a number of products like high-quality flower and concentrates, and they take pride in making the best of the best.

O.G. Cannabis – (@o.g.cannabis)

Available in: Oregon and Washington

Oregon Genetics Cannabis is a company based in Oregon that provides a variety of products including a slew of concentrates, high-quality vape cartridges, live resin, and THCA crystals, all made from a large selection of strains. In addition to products, they also offer many services including business consulting, wholesaling, grow setup, cloning, extraction, and licensing.

Apothecary Extracts – (@aextracts)

Available in: Colorado

Apothecary Extracts in Colorado specializes in producing the finest of concentrates and extracts. They also own Colorado’s first concentrate-focused dispensary, Apothecary Farms. Their products include ambrosia (their signature live resin shatter/wax, from premium dried flower or sugar trim), HCFSE (high cannabinoid full spectrum extracts) that’s usually high in THCA with 3-5% terpene content, and HTFSE (high terpene full spectrum extract).

Oleum Extracts (@oleumlabs_)

Available in: Washington

Oleum Extracts produces a wide range of products including THCA crystals, distillate, sugar resin, cartridges, and their exclusive Oleum Select line of high-quality products. They slid through the 2017 Washington Dope Cup and absolutely cleaned up, bringing home the awards for: Best Distillate (THCA Crystalline), Best Live Resin (Magneto Honey Crystal), Runner-Up for Best CBD Distillate (CBD/THCA Isolate), and Runner-Up for Best Wax (Whitewalker).

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