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We shopped for Maryland’s best legal weed. Here’s how much it cost

Published on July 1, 2023 · Last updated July 3, 2023
a dozen-odd people outside a dispensary with a blue grand opening banner in front of them and a Black man holding a gigantic pair of blue scissors
Far & Dotter cut the ribbon on legal cannabis in Maryland. (Leafly)

Welcome Marylanders, to the wonderful world of adult-use cannabis! After over five years of a robust medical marijuana system, today marks the first day any adult (21 or older with valid ID), be they from Maryland, neighboring states, or far-flung countries, can purchase any of thousands of cannabis strains and products available at nearly 100 dispensaries across the state.

If you’re planning on waiting until the hype dies down, we don’t recommend it—Maryland loves weed. The medical industry raked in over $500 million in dispensary sales in 2022, with the average patient spending over $300 per month. Coupled with a 1.5-ounce purchasing and personal possession limit for adult-use consumers, affordable menu prices, and a very reasonable 9% sales tax (California’s, for comparison, is 15%), this Fourth of July weekend is set to be a hazy one. But don’t worry, operators across the state tell Leafly they’ve been stocking up. The stage has been set for a bombastic opening weekend—what better way to celebrate Independence with the right to procure your favorite cannabis?

Maryland cannabis legalization begins: Here’s what you need to know

Each new market has its own tastes and way of doing things, so to celebrate Day 1, Leafly patronized a few different dispensaries across the Old Line State to get a sense of just how charming the new cannabis industry will be, and what consumers can expect to find on the shelves once they get there.

Maryland’s best weed, and prices: Releaf

Gelato Cake (Courtest District Cannabis)

Before you set out to discover some new killer strains, I have some less-than-stellar news: no smelling or visual samples are allowed, and flower can’t be visible through the packaging. Patients aren’t subject to sales tax, though not every dispensary we visited includes taxes in their prices, so keep that in mind when browsing online. Most have menu available to browse, and some use Leafly to host their hundreds of products.  

Of all the dispensaries Leafly traveled to today, undoubtedly the one with the widest flower range was Releaf in Baltimore. With dozens of strains, multiple quantity options, and deals galore, even the snobbiest of smokers might find themselves stumped by the sheer variety of options. Eighths started at $25 and could go up to the usual $60 for high-grade bud. Brands ranged from SunMed Growers, Grassroots, and Verano, to District Cannabis, CULTA, matter, and more than a few Cookies strains.

Terps ran the gamut, from cakey gas blends like Tinselmints and Gelato Cake to Lemon Shanty, Runtz blends, and OGs.

Shopping guide to Maryland cannabis legalization

Consumers came from all walks of life, from locals taking their lunch breaks to out-of-towners itching for a more sophisticated and informed shopping experience. A woman named Susan told Leafly that she’d come all the way from South Carolina, and was eager to get a wider selection than her local dealer could provide. She determined that caryophyllene-dominant strains might offer her relief from rheumatoid arthritis.

“It helps me in all areas,” she told Leafly, “Hopefully, this will be more of what I need.”

Maryland’s best weed cartridges and concentrates: Goldleaf

Cresco carts in Maryland. (Courtesy Cresco)

Some more cold hard facts: Maryland has limits on patient-only products you can purchase in other states. Aside from vape cartridges, you’ll still need a medical card to purchase any dabbable concentrates—even infused prerolls.

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Some dispensaries feel cozy, some feel like Apple stores, some feel like old-timey speakeasies. Goldleaf’s Annapolis location feels like a department store. The tall front facade is all glass windows, allowing light to filter into the retail space lined with heady glass pieces that go for thousands of dollars, Puffcos, and accessories; all the cannabis products are kept upstairs and brought down after patrons have selected their goods.

Staff are all clad in black, standing behind marble-looking counters with menus available on huge iPads. Despite the bougie aesthetic, vape carts start at $25 for a half-gram and $30 for disposables from Select, Curio Wellness, and Cresco. For dabbables, they had one of the most varied selections around: bubble hash from Grow West ($50/g), rosin from Evermore Cannabis Company ($50/g), and a selection of sugars, badders and live resins from MPX, Kind Tree, and Grassroots than ran anywhere from $45 to $70 per gram.

Far & Dotter's interior. (Leafly)
Goldleaf’s interior. (Leafly)
America’s searing hot cannabis Strains of Summer 2023

For General Manager Madeline, the day represented a huge personal and professional accomplishment. When her grandmother had cancer years ago, Madeline procured her cannabis even though it wasn’t legal in Maryland at the time. After a few years in tech, she moved back to her home state to enter the cannabis industry, and recently graduated from the University of Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics program.

“I’ve always wanted to work in the cannabis industry. It doesn’t make sense to me that people can’t get this, because it helps them.”

Maryland’s best cannabis edibles: Far & Dotter

Gelato Cake, Blue Dream carts, and Black Cherry Vanilla gummies.
Curio Wellness Black Cherry Vanilla gummies. (Courtesy Curio)

Adult-use consumers can purchase up to 750 mg of edibles per day. Yes, per day. Patients, however, have access to higher-dose edibles, which can vary from 25 mg to 40 mg of THC per piece.

On this most glorious morning, Marylanders eagerly lining up to purchase adult-use cannabis and products were met with a short torrential downpour—but that didn’t deter them. At Far & Dotter, the retail dispensary and wellness store of Curio Wellness, Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce CEO Brent Howard cut a grand opening ribbon.

After checking in in the front area, which sells CBD products, accessories, and wellness brands, both patients and adult-use consumers go into the back dispensary space, a clean, spacious room with warm lighting that makes the shopping process cozy. Far and Dotter has iPads for easy menu browsing with taxes included in the prices.

Ariana Foote, a self-described loyal Curio consumer and local cannabis influencer, has traversed many adult-use states, and not all of them impressed her.

Edible dosing for beginners: with dosage chart by milligrams

“I’m a regular user, and I love [Curio] for their service and approachable vibe, whether you’re a mild user or consume every day.”

More than any of the many edibles she’s tried, she recommended the Curio Chews ($20), so we copped the Black Cherry Vanilla, which budtender Ashley said tastes like Cherry Coke. They carry multiple cannabinoid ratios and flavors in the chews, as well as higher doses for medical patients. Other edible brands include Smokiez gummies, Encore Edibles RSO gummies, Bubby’s Baked Goods cookies, and a whole line of edibles to support gastrointestinal health. All edibles range in price between $20 and $30.

And that’s only day 1, Leafly nation. We hope you got your goods for this holiday weekend, and we welcome Marylanders to the wonderful world of safe and legal cannabis.

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