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March’s Leafly HighLight is Mimosa—bottoms up

Published on March 3, 2022 · Last updated June 1, 2022
Leafly Highlight March 2022 Mimosa
Each month, Leafly highlights a popular, trending strain you should know about —we call it Leafly HighLight. This month, Mimosa. Bottoms up. (Leafly)

Spring is coming, we swear. It’s time to put down the sleepy cookies strains and pick up energy and anxiety relief for the warming months ahead. I’m talking poppin’ bottles of citrusy sativa hybrids, ladies; starting with the national favorite, Mimosa—our Leafly HighLight for March 2022.

Leafly Highlight March 2022 Mimosa
Ask the CDC, brunch is back, baby! (David Downs/Leafly)

Mimosa has an average 4.5 of 5 score from 845 Leafly reviewers since 2018 alone. Because, duh, people like weed that smells like fizzy orange sunshine and makes their brain feel similarly.

Reviewers are pretty consistent, too:

  • “Great for a wake and bake, before any activity that requires high energy!”
  • “Mimosa, you’re such a joyful high, I’m snatching up a lifetime supply. You all run and grab the rest. This bubbly is the by far best, Cheers.”

Mimosa leads a modern pack of upbeat, citrus hybrids. A daytime bowl can take the drudgery out of chores without making you a space case. It’s high-THC but relatively friendly to newcomers. The cultivar goes great with the cool winter sun, actual mimosas or bloody marys, coffee, music, and gossip. Later, write haikus:

Mimosa—so great.

Citrus season’s queen. Please don’t

sniff palm in public.

How much does Mimosa cost?

Leafly Highlight March 2022 Mimosa
Mimosa is Top 40 weed blasting from coast to coast.. (Leafly)

Mimosa is a popular, widely available strain in the US, making it affordable as well. Prices vary widely based on local supplies and quality, from dirt cheap eighths in Portland, Oregon to pricey cartridges of Boston. The strain comes in flowers from the gram to the ounce, as well as in vape carts, budder, shatter, live resindiamond sauce, even edibles.

Mimosa product spot prices around the US:

1 gram flower$8$13$18
Eighth-ounce flower (3.5g)$15$30$50
Quarter-ounce flower (7g)$35$60$94
1g extract (budder, etc.)$20$36$50
.5g cartridge/pod$15$28$40
(Source: dispensary menus)

Mimosa seeds

Leafly Highlight March 2022 Mimosa
Buy and pop Mimosa in 2022. Do it now. (Leafly)

Mimosa mixes the best of two all-star strains—Clementine and Purple Punch F2. That combines genetics from four key families: Crockett’s Tangie with DNA Genetics’ Lemon Skunk, and GDP with Larry OG. The Village/Symbiotic Genetics of Sacramento, CA created it, and Jungle Boys of Los Angeles launched it into the culture. Symbiotic remains active and dominant in the breeding game, with Mimosa v6 crosses on the market in 2022. Seeds of Horror has the original strain for sale.

The world’s best cannabis seeds and clones to grow in ‘22

Mimosa awards

Leafly Highlight March 2022 Mimosa

Mimosa won five awards in 2017-2019 alone. In 2017, the strain swept the influential Chalice Cup in San Bernardino, CA, winning 1st Place Sativa, 1st Place in Concentrates, and Best Overall Flower. Every year, the cultivar or its relatives win, place, or rank well in contests.

Mimosa terpenes

Leafly Highlight March 2022 Mimosa

Mimosa gets lumped in with other strains high in the aroma molecule myrcene, but reviewers do not consider it sedative. The pinene and caryophyllene terpenes, as well as others probably play a role in its aroma and effects.

Other highlights this March

Shop fresh out of Mimosa? Keep the fizz flowing with these related strains.


Leafly Highlight March 2022 Tangie
(David Downs/Leafly)

Even more of a sure bet than Mimosa, meet the mother of modern citrus—Tangie. It’s got a similar look, smell, and effect, but it’s even more foundational, thanks to its breeders, the legendary Crockett Family Farms of California. Nearly every store has a Tangie or cross.

Citrus dynasty: A Tangie family genealogy


Leafly Highlight March 2022 Zlushi
(David Downs/Leafly)

This 2022 version of Mimosa for aficionados delivers unforgettable, mouth-coating, syrupy, fruit smell and taste. Top breeders Terphogz in Mendocino County crossed their refined Original Z cut—dubbed ‘Z3’—to their private Mimosa selection. Zlushi’s a functional yet exotic hybrid that keeps you cool and irie.

Purple Punch

Leafly Highlight March 2022 Purple Punch
(David Downs/Leafly)

Did the brunch sesh go long? Shut the club down with Purple Punch—also super-popular, pretty, and accessible. The Village and Supernova Gardens married GDP to Larry OG, so you could take a lazy, hazy afternoon nap in the sun on the grass with a West Coast IPA and some tunes.

See you in April next month for another Leafly HighLight.

Have you tried any of our March highlights? Leave a nice comment below.

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