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New Strain Alert: Remedy, Tangerine Haze, Alice in Wonderland, Rockstar, Venom OG, and Sugar Plum

We have something for every canna-sseur in this week’s new strains: whether you’re looking for a high-CBD strain to tame your symptoms or an invigorating sativa for this weekend’s festivities, we have recommendations for you. Add these varieties to your strain scavenger hunt and let us know how it was in a review!

1. Remedy

Characteristics of Remedy:

2. Tangerine Haze

Characteristics of Tangerine Haze:

3. Alice in Wonderland

Characteristics of Alice in Wonderland:

4. Rockstar

Characters of Rockstar

5. Venom OG

Characteristics of Venom OG:

6. Sugar Plum

Characteristics of Sugar Plum: