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New Strains Alert: Cactus, Elderberry Kush, Fruit Spirit, Shiatsu Kush, and Y Griega

This week, we’ve got five news strains that come from all over the world: Spain, Canada — even Japan. From Spain we have Elderberry Kush, Fruit Spirit, and Y Griega. Shiatsu Kush was brought from Japan and bred in Canada, where our new indica Cactus also originally hails from. Some of these strains have migrated far and wide, so if any of these have made their way to your neck of the woods, tell us all about it in a review!

  1. Cactus

Characteristics of Cactus:

 2. Elderberry Kush

Characteristics of Elderberry Kush:

  • 55% indica
  • Cross between Edelweiss #3 and Dojaberry
  • Breeder: Green Devil Genetics (Spain)
  • Flowers in 50 to 55 days

 3. Fruit Spirit

Characteristics of Fruit Spirit:

 4. Shiatsu Kush

Characteristics of Shiatsu Kush:

 5. Y Griega

Characteristics of Y Griega: