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New Strains Alert: CBD Shark, Afghan Hawaiian, 13 Dawgs, Damn Sour, and More

The Leafly strain database now exceeds 1,200 varieties, but our collection is far from finished. These ten strains are only a few among many newly added varieties, so don't forget to check out all of the other newcomers in the Explorer!


Leafly CBD Shark cannabis strain tile   1. CBD Shark

Characteristics of CBD Shark:


Leafly Afghanni Hawaiian cannabis strain tile   2. Afghan Hawaiian

Characteristics of Afghan Hawaiian:


Leafly 13 Dawgs cannabis strain tile   3. 13 Dawgs

Characteristics of 13 Dawgs:


Leafly Damn Sour cannabis strain tile   4. Damn Sour

Characteristics of Damn Sour:


Leafly Afghani CBD cannabis strain tile   5. Afghani CBD

Characteristics of Afghani CBD:


Leafly Aberdeen cannabis strain tile   6. Aberdeen

Characteristics of Aberdeen:


Leafly Jenni cannabis strain tile   7. Jenni

Characteristics of Jenni:

  • Mostly sativa strain
  • Modest THC level suitable for novice consumers
  • Sweet, fruity aroma
  • Soothing, clear-headed effects


Leafly Bedica cannabis strain tile   8. Bedica

Characteristics of Bedica:


Leafly Avi cannabis strain tile   9. Avi

Characteristics of Avi:


Leafly Argyle cannabis strain tile   10. Argyle

Characteristics of Argyle: