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New Strains Alert: Critical Kush, Space Needle, Goo, Golden Pineapple, and Rocky Mountain High

This week, Washington saw its first day of recreational cannabis sales and we're celebrating with some new strains! Critical Kush combines two fan favorites, Critical Mass and OG Kush, while Goo unites two other indica staples, Blueberry and Hindu Kush. Rocky Mountain High hails from the state of Colorado, and Space Needle is a local Washington strain arriving just in time for our recreational consumers. Lastly, we've added Golden Pineapple, a sativa-dominant hybrid with creative and uplifting effects.

Seattle locals who managed to snag a small bag of Sweet Lafayette, OG's Pearl, Copper Kush, and Opal OG Kush at Cannabis City's grand opening, remember to leave reviews for these new Washington strains!

   1. Critical Kush

Characteristics of Critical Kush:

   2. Space Needle

Characteristics of Space Needle:

   3. Goo

Characteristics of Goo:

   4. Golden Pineapple

Characteristics of Golden Pineapple:

   5. Rocky Mountain High

Characteristics of Rocky Mountain High:

  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Cross between Mikado and Colorado Green Bud
  • Breeder: Hazeman Seeds
  • Indoor flowering time of 63 days