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New Strains Alert: Godzilla, Omega Dawg, Stella Blue, Punky Lion, and Swazi Gold

Special thanks to all of our Leafly users who nominated these strains to be included in the Leafly database! First up is Godzilla, a crushingly heavy indica that will maul stress, anxiety, and physical ailments like a giant, bipedal Japanese lizard. Punky Lion is similarly powerful, containing only indica genetics for maximum sedation and relief. Omega Dawg is a lighter 50/50 hybrid strain that won't leave you feeling so destroyed, but rather in the blissful space between full-body relaxation and dreamy bliss. Stella Blue is a mostly sativa strain that lifts your mood into the clouds, and Swazi Gold is a landrace sativa that has traveled all the way from Africa to bless our bowls with its presence.

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   1. Godzilla

Characteristics of Godzilla:

   2. Omega Dawg

Characteristics of Omega Dawg:

   3. Stella Blue

Characteristics of Stella Blue:

   4. Punky Lion

Characteristics of Punky Lion:

   5. Swazi Gold

Characteristics of Swazi Gold: