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New Strains Alert: Green Dragon, Purple Maui, Sour Bubble, Special K, and Strawberry Satori

Sometimes strains are bred by chance, offering us a delectable surprise we grow to cherish. Other times, they're bred with a purpose, perhaps to compose a dynamic and new flavor profile or provide specialized effects tailored to specific conditions. These five strains each offer a distinct benefit, whether that be physical and cerebral effect balance, unique aroma, or as is the case with Strawberry Satori, targeted effects to offer relief to PTSD patients. Here's to increased specialization of strains and appreciating the intricacies of them all! Enjoy.

1. Green Dragon

Characteristics of Green Dragon:

2. Purple Maui

Characteristics of Purple Maui:

  • Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Breeder: Happy Harvest
  • Soft, piney aroma
  • Delivers potent physical and cerebral effects that are quick to onset

3. Sour Bubble

Characteristics of Sour Bubble:

4. Special K

Characteristics of Special K:

  • Hybrid
  • Crossed between Western Winds and Slyder
  • Effects are described as "adventurous"
  • Flowers around 10 weeks

5. Strawberry Satori

Characteristics of Strawberry Satori: