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New Strains Alert: Sour Amnesia, Dawg’s Waltz, Petrolia Headstash, Tangilope, and Rug Burn OG

It's Friday at last, so why not try some new strains this weekend? If you're feeling adventurous and looking for some new effects and flavors, we've got a few new varieties in the Leafly Explorer for you to try out. To our sativa-lovers, indica-lovers, and all of you in between, we're sure one of these newcomers will have what you're looking for.

Remember to nominate other new strains using the Leafly app, and don't forget to leave reviews for any of these newcomers if you've had the pleasure of trying them!

   1. Sour Amnesia

Characteristics of Sour Amnesia:

   2. Dawg's Waltz

Characteristics of Dawg's Waltz:

   3. Petrolia Headstash

Characteristics of Petrolia Headstash:

   4. Tangilope

Characteristics of Tangilope:

   5. Rug Burn OG

Characteristics of Rug Burn OG: