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New Strains Alert: White Lightning, Stardawg, Orange Skunk, and Candy Cane

We added four new strains to the Leafly database this week, and they’ll be needing your evaluations! If you’re looking for a strain that’s lighter than an indica but still packs a punch, we recommend keeping an eye out for White Lightning and Stardawg. Orange Skunk is a flavorful hybrid with more cerebral-focused effects. A heavier alternative is Candy Cane, a potent indica with a jolt of euphoria and calming, stress-relieving qualities.

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1. White Lightning

Characteristics of White Lightning:

2. Stardawg

Characteristics of Stardawg:

3. Orange Skunk

Characteristics of Orange Skunk:

4. Candy Cane

Characteristics of Candy Cane: