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New Strains: Grand Doggy Purps, Alien Rock Candy, Dragon’s Breath, Mango Haze, and Buddha Haze

The weekend is nearly here, and we've got five new strains to help you kick back, relax, and enjoy it. Also new to the app are some new features including strain lineages, cannabinoid and terpene contents, and grow information. So while checking out these new strains, don't forget to also explore all the new information added to your favorite classics!

   1. Grand Doggy Purps

Characteristics of Grand Doggy Purps:

   2. Alien Rock Candy

Characteristics of Alien Rock Candy:

   3. Buddha Haze

Characteristics of Buddha Haze:

   4. Dragon's Breath

Characteristics of Dragon's Breath:

   5. Mango Haze

Characteristics of Mango Haze: