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Product Review: Sensi Chews Amoré Medicated Chocolate

Published on February 14, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Sensi Chew Amoré Aprodisiac Medicated Chocolate Caramel - California - Product Review

I met some folks from Sensi at a Women Grow event in LA and was instantly curious. An aphrodisiac chocolate chew? Would it make me feel aroused, or just less stressed? Would it increase sensation or reduce inhibitions? Here’s the lowdown.

Amoré Medicated Chocolate at a Glance

Manufacturer: Sensi Chew

Product: Amoré – Aphrodisiac Medicated Chocolate Caramel

Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, butter, cream, cocoa, vanilla, Tongkat Ali extract, cannabis extract

Cannabis content: 25mg THC per chew (two chews per package)

Available in: California

Initial Impressions


  • I appreciate that the package is resealable. The label doubles as a press-and-seal so if you don’t want to do the full 25 milligrams, you can bite one of the chews in half and save the other half for another time.
  • It tastes really yummy, though I don’t get as much of the caramel taste; the chocolate is more noticeable. There isn’t a strong cannabis taste, either. The consistency is like fudge; it reminds me of a less chewy version of a Tootsie roll.
  • As I felt the effects begin, I could feel a bit of spaceyness behind my eyes. I felt emotionally open and communicative but not unpleasantly chatty. I was able to discern a difference in body sensation after the chew took effect.
  • The high is mellow and balanced. I felt my entire body relax and come online in a pleasant way. I asked my friend to touch my arm and he sort of patted it, and I grinned and said, “no, sexy touching,” and he started dragging his fingertips lightly over my forearm. I felt a difference with the second type of touch. It was intentional and it evoked a stronger reaction in my body, notably enhanced by the Amoré chew.
  • The other active ingredient, aside from cannabis, is Tongkat Ali. This flowering plant from Indonesia has been studied as a natural testosterone booster. I had no way to test my testosterone levels, but I did feel more touch-oriented and magnetized after I enjoyed the Amoré square.
  • I tried the other chew at a different time to test it out for solo play and I found that it helped me relax and enjoy the experience of pleasure rather than getting caught up in how long it was taking me to get to a specific destination. I didn’t feel like it specifically decreased inhibitions (not that I have a ton anyway) but I definitely felt less stressed and more balanced.
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  • The packaging feels flimsy and a bit dated. I showed it to my friend Arden and she said, “it looks like something you’d see at a gas station on a shelf next to bottles of Horny Goat Weed.” Perhaps sharper than I would have gone, but she has a point. I also found myself a bit confused – if it works on all bodies (as indicated by the “for him and her” designation on the label) then why does the packaging need to feature a man and woman kissing? I’d love to see more forward-thinking packaging that reflects the quality of the product inside of it.
  • The dosage is potentially too high for new users. I typically suggest that a newbie start with 2.5mg to 5mg total, which would be difficult to manage with this product since it comes in two individual doses of 25mg each.
  • As with any edible product, the onset time and duration will be largely dependent on your metabolism and tolerance. I started to feel the effects after about 50 minutes and noticeable effects lasted for about an hour and a half to two hours. The package suggests that it could last up to six hours, which is entirely possible depending on your specific reaction to the amount of THC you ingest. Dose yourself accordingly.

Our Verdict

I enjoyed this product. I could imagine bringing a two-pack of chews and going on a weekend adventure with a lover, planning to fill at least one of the days with nothing but sensual delights. Have you tried the Amore Sensi Chews? What did you think?

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