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Slippery Moisturizer will take your self-care to new heights

Presented ByLUXEARIPublished on July 22, 2021 · Last updated July 14, 2022
This article is sponsored by LUXEARI. Image courtesy of LUXEARI.

Designed for your most sensitive areas, LUXEARI’s moisturizer works with your body for a more elevated experience.

You deserve nice things, and that includes more transparent hemp products. LUXEARI was founded to combat a lack of transparency and quality in the hemp marketplace. Their mission was to create premium, small-batch products that truly capture the benefits of CBD, so everybody can experience a more luxurious lifestyle.

Driven by their mission to set a new hemp standard, LUXEARI’s expert staff manages the entire supply chain so they can truly stand by what they sell. The company’s organic farm cultivates thriving sun-grown hemp using purity-tested water from the Rocky Mountains. Their offerings are developed and formulated in-house by a team that’s using the products themselves. Each batch is thoroughly tested for potency and purity.

Slippery Moisturizer
Courtesy of LUXEARI

The result: Unique personal care products, like Slippery Moisturizer, and custom-designed vapes that raise the bar for the hemp industry. For LUXEARI, education is part of the star treatment, so they provide a concierge to help guide you while you shop.

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LUXEARI uses their combined decade of experience in the hemp industry to build trust and delivery quality—so when you treat yourself to a little feel-good time with LUXEARI’s Slippery Moisturizer, you can truly relax and melt into the experience.

Tantalizing self-care

The right hemp products can add a transformative experience to your wellness routine, especially when applied to your most sensitive areas, which are rich in cannabinoid receptors. But before losing yourself in a neck massage or a more intimate moment with yourself or a partner, you’re going to want to check for quality and purity. More importantly, you’re going to want to know where it’s been on its way to your nightstand.

Courtesy of LUXEARI

LUXEARI’s Slippery Moisturizer is 100% made in the United States from plant to bottle and is packed with a premium dose of cannabinoids for maximum effect. Each 30ml airless-pump bottle contains 400mg of cannabinoids and absolutely no heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, microbials, or mycotoxins. For full transparency, LUXEARI proudly publishes third-party lab results for each and every batch, so you know exactly what’s in your bottle.

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While hemp companies making a quick buck from the CBD craze often work with low-dose isolates, LUXEARI brings the power of the whole plant into the mix. Slippery gets an extra kick from CBN and CBC and is rich in pinene, an invigorating terpene. This unique formula lights up your natural receptors in the most tender parts of your anatomy for a stimulating addition to your self-care routine.

The luxury experience

LUXEARI sent Leafly a bottle of Slippery to try at home. It helped this writer feel pampered straight out of the box, with a glossy, weighty bottle that felt good to hold. The airless pump delivered a consistent, discrete amount of moisturizer smoothly and silently, with no squeezing, shaking, or tilting required.

The texture, scent, and consistency are more like a high-end serum than a lotion or personal lubricant. I’d tried CBD topicals before, but the effects aren’t usually this potent or this immediate. It soothed my sore neck and shoulders effortlessly while nourishing my skin with just the slightest tingle. A little went a long way, but it never left any residue or greasy feeling—just moisture and nourishment. I could see myself using this on my face.

Slippery Moisturizer
Courtesy of LUXEARI

Slippery can stimulate any sensitive area, but it’s designed to enhance intimate experiences most of all. To answer the obvious question: I did try it, and it was fantastic. Slippery blended in seamlessly, but its effects were palpable. It elevated what was already a good time to new heights.

While Slippery was powerful—and absolutely made itself known where it counted—it didn’t overpower the experience with any busy textures or noises. It worked quietly in the background to achieve explosive results.

Try Slippery for yourself with free shipping from LUXEARI.com.

Presented ByLUXEARI
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