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The 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup Winning Concentrates

Extracts and concentrates are quickly becoming a central pillar of the cannabis market, so much so that the High Times Cannabis Cup hosted five concentrate categories this year in Denver. The champions were a mix of familiar classics like Durban Poison and newer strains you probably haven’t heard of until now. Leafly needs your help furnishing these strains with user reviews, so be sure to share your opinion if you’ve had the opportunity to try one of these champs.

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Best Medical Non-Solvent Hash

1st Place: Blueberry Waltz from Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregivers

2nd Place: Sour Lemon OG Solventless from Essential Extracts & Trill Alternatives

3rd Place: HGH Cookies Solventless from HGH Extractions & Pure Medical


Best U.S. Non-Solvent Hash

1st Place: White OG Solventless Wax from Essential Extracts & Down With Dirt

2nd Place: Boss Ice Wax from Infuzionz

3rd Place: Bruce Banner #3 from RiverRock Adult Use & Trichome Heavy Extractions


Best Medical Concentrate

1st Place: Sour Jilly from Green Dream & TC Labs

2nd Place: Jilly Bean from Stay Concentrated Extracts

3rd Place: South African Durban Poison Wax from Advanced Medical Alternatives & Dab City Concentrates


Best U.S. Concentrate

1st Place: 303 OG Nug Run Sugar Budder from The Clinic

2nd Place: Lemon Walker OG from TC Labs & Gold Coast Collective

3rd Place: Willy Wonka Sativa BHO from High Class Concentrates


People’s Choice Cup

1st Place: Golden Goat Shatter – Infuzionz powered by The Green Solution

2nd Place: Jilly Bean Shatter from 710 Labs/ Bud Med Health Center

3rd Place: K1 Shatter from New Age Medical