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We try breathing easier with Cough Shield

Cough Shield
Presented ByCough ShieldPublished on March 27, 2023
Cough Shield
This article is sponsored by Cough Shield. Image courtesy of Cough Shield.

Testing out the cough-busting herbal honey spray that smokers’ dreams are made of

It’s loud. It’s unflattering. It’s attention-grabbing in all the wrong ways. No, it’s not your least favorite shirt, it’s your cannabis cough—and it’s time for it to go.

If you prefer to inhale your weed, either through smoking or vaping, then you’re probably familiar with the unpleasantness of collapsing into a hacking fit when you try to take a big hit. Social smokers will know the embarrassment of coughing far more than anyone else in a group, dodging pitying glances as you try to keep both lungs in your chest. A persistent cough can even keep someone who loves weed from smoking entirely. 

Cough Shield is running an introductory BOGO offer! Pick up a staggering 440 servings for just $29.95.

Thanks to Cough Shield, a game-changing, honey-based herbal supplement, relief for coughing-prone smokers, vapers, and dabbers is finally at hand. All-natural Cough Shield promises to virtually eliminate the urge to cough when smoking cannabis, making your sessions more enjoyable and saving your lungs and throat the aggravation in the process. All it takes is one pump of great-tasting Cough Shield before your hit and you’ll be able to smoke or vape freely, with much less irritation and coughing. 

No mere cough drop, Cough Shield is specifically designed for cannabis consumers to enjoy their weed without the raspy consequences. The magical combo of honey and herbs coats your mouth and throat, pre-soothing the body and repressing the impulse to cough. This’ll enhance your sessions, making your weed go further and hit smoother. 

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The folks at Cough Shield are so confident in their creation, not only did they give this writing team a sample to test out, but they’re also offering an introductory BOGO deal on their product. Just head to their website and get two bottles for the price of one. We’ll report back on what we thought about Cough Shield in a bit, but first, let’s take a look at how Cough Shield was developed. 

A labor of love

Cough Shield is the brainchild of Monika (Moni) Schifler, an herbalist living in upstate New York with her partner, Roberto Azank. Roberto, an artist, smoked cigarettes and cannabis for many years, irritating his throat and lungs. This left Roberto with a chronic cough that made it nearly impossible to enjoy smoking cannabis. For a true cannasseur like Roberto, this was a real blow.

Image courtesy of Cough Shield.

Luckily, Moni is an expert in all sorts of natural remedies—you ought to try her much-touted superkraut—and set out to use her formidable knowledge of organic healing to help Roberto enjoy cannabis once again. After over a year of experimentation, Cough Shield was born. 

“I solve problems with herbs. It’s just how I think.”

Moni Schifler

You won’t find anything suspicious or overly processed in Cough Shield; there are just five active ingredients that combine like Captain Planet to bring you the relief you need. All-natural honey, the reliable standby for those suffering from a sore throat, forms the keystone of Cough Shield and is responsible for its sweet flavor. The honey coats your mouth and throat, forming a protective barrier between the smoke and the delicate tissue. A dynamic duo of healing herbs, slippery elm and marshmallow root, team up to help suppress the urge to cough in your lungs and diaphragm. Then there’s MCT coconut oil, a special ingredient used commonly in many THC and CBD tinctures and is said to enhance the effectiveness of THC. The final ingredient in Cough Shield is glycerine, which serves to bind these disparate elements together into an easy-to-swallow solution. And that’s all—Moni the medicinal maven has managed to virtually eliminate the urge to cough with ingredients you could mostly find in a local garden.

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That all sounds pretty good…but does it work? This team was eager to put Cough Shield through its paces, so read on to find out how our lungs held up.

Round One: Cough Shield vs vapes

Cough Shield
Image courtesy of Cough Shield.

After opening up our package of samples Christmas-morning style, this writer gave the bottle a good shake, packed a bowl of Super Lemon Haze into his dry herb vaporizer, and got to work. Cough Shield comes in a sturdy, palm-sized bottle that can easily live in a purse, backpack, or pocket. It’s pre-dosed, so we only needed one pump to prepare for the first hit. We expected Cough Shield to taste like honey, but what took us by surprise was the lack of viscosity in the serum. It was easy to swallow and only left behind a subtle aftertaste, a different experience entirety from swallowing a spoonful of straight honey.

Readers, wow. We can faithfully report that this writer was holding hits that would have left him gasping for air unshielded. Even with a fresh bowl at the vape’s maximum settings, an eye-popping 210 degrees celsius, this writer was breathing easy and flying high. He had a similar experience when puffing on a cartridge of Zookies; the session was totally free from throat irritation and bad hits leading to coughing fits.

Winner: Cough Shield 

Round Two: Cough Shield vs bongs

Cough Shield
Image courtesy of Cough Shield.

For our next test, our writer put together a squad of serious cannasseurs and casual smokers alike to see how Cough Shield held up to a social smoking situation. Equipped with a trusty bong, a quarter ounce of Leafly’s 2020 Strain of the Year Runtz, and a couple of bottles of Cough Shield, our team lit up. 

“One pump, end of story. Then you toke, and you’re beautiful.”

Roberto Azank

Just as in his solo vape test, our writer experienced a vast decrease in his coughing while smoking from a bong, and no throat or lung irritation to speak of. The other members of the social crew similarly felt a marked relief. Some only needed a single dose of Cough Shield for the whole session, while others (including the writer) found that they needed to reapply Cough Shield after three to four hits.

One of the greatest benefits of Cough Shield, and one of the features that elevates the serum to stash-essential level, is how seamlessly it incorporates into the rituals of smoking in a group. With Cough Shield, we didn’t need to pause for a less experienced member to recover from a coughing fit; we simply pumped, puffed, puffed, and passed. 

Winner: Cough Shield

Round Three: Cough Shield vs joints

Cough Shield
Image courtesy of Cough Shield.

The last round would be the ultimate test for Cough Shield: A pair of Sour Diesel pre-rolls. In the past, this writer tended to avoid joints because of the very throat irritation that Cough Shield was formulated to avoid, so he was eager to see if Cough Shield could continue its winning streak. 

With just a few pumps of Cough Shield, our joint-averse writer was once again able to smoke freely without aggravating his throat or lungs, proudly puffing all the way down to a roach. 

Winner: Cough Shield

And there you have it, folks, a perfect 3-0 for Cough Shield, the all-natural phenom that is set to shake up smoking and vaping. This herbal remedy for cannabis coughing is available now for just $29.95 with an introductory BOGO offer. With roughly 220 servings per bottle, that means you can enhance your sessions for just seven cents per pump. That’s an insanely low price for the relief that Cough Shield provides, so don’t wait. Get your Cough Shield now and get back to sweet, sweet smoothness in your sessions.

You can learn more about the all-natural ingredients in Cough Shield and read testimonials and FAQs on Cough Shield’s website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all the latest news. 

Cough Shield
Presented ByCough Shield
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