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5 dabbers you’ll meet IRL

When dabbing first hit the scene, some people were apprehensive about the new mode consumption. Perhaps all the talk about blow torches was a bit intimidating.

Luckily, times have changed and these days, lots of people have learned how to dab. And whether it’s the ease of using an e-rig or the basic idgaf attitude of the 20s, dab life is here to stay.

One important thing for pop culture to address is the stigma of the dabber. Many still picture dabbing as a clandestine activity only carried out in dimly-lit rooms by the sketchiest of stoners. But it’s time to let the negativity go and highlight all the other types of dabbers there are out there, even if that dimly-lit situation seems relaxing.

Presenting, the dabbers you’ll actually meet in these contemporary times.*

The party dabber

Soft gold and pink graphic featuring a person smoking and celebrating with confetti

The party dabber is a refined, yet hype addition to any function. Sure, this dabber is going to go hard, but they also come correct. They are ready to smoke you out with their Puffco Peak and have no less than three high-end concentrates for you to choose from.  Sometimes there’s isn’t even a party happening until they work that dab magic. Then, it’s on!

Puffco takes dabbing to the next level with the Peak Pro

Casual dab babe

Graphic of long haired person relaxing under the sun with a drink

The casual dabber keeps it simple as they look to add in new ways of consuming. They are always ready to blaze, and for them, 420 is a lifestyle.

The casual dabber is looking for decent color, taste, and high from their product but they are not overly picky. They love dabbing at the end of the workday, slowly sippig smoke as they purvey their weed kingdom. The casual dabber has your back if you’re down to try, but their rig might look like something out of MacGyver.

Leafly’s glossary of dabbing terms

Dr. dab

Graphic of person taking a close look at abstract molecules

Doctor dab is a cannasseur, and possibly, a medical patient looking for the potent relief that dabs provide.

Doctor dab will have the setup of all the best concentrates for body aches or anxiety release. A dosing master, the good doctor will know what temps will get you just what you’re looking for and will never serve you anything less! Doctor dab loves to customize the concentrate experience and get you right, so never forget that they are about to pack you something strong. 

What are live resin cannabis concentrates?

Baby dabber

Graphic showing an explorer with soft pastel colors and gold text saying "baby dabber"

The baby dabber is new to the dab game. This person has graduated from their typical cannabis flower and vape rituals and is ready for something more, whether that be a stronger high or a new method.

They start shopping low-end concentrates to test out their new dab life. The baby dabber is curious and asks lots of questions as they navigate their journey into the land of concentrates. 



Yes, you!

The best thing about dabbing is that there is no particular way you have to be to enjoy a delicious dab. There is no age or gender or specific effects you have to be seeking. You can dab how you want, when you want, and why you want anytime you choose. No matter the way you choose to dab, you’re part of a creative, fun, and engaging community of people.

Are you a dabber? Tell us how you got started with concentrates on social or in the comments below.  

*Special shoutout to budtender and seasoned dabber, Selina Moa, for helping with the development of this article.

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