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Hemper’s got the goods with high-design bongs and rigs

Presented ByHemperPublished on May 13, 2021 · Last updated July 14, 2022
This article was sponsored by Hemper. Image courtesy of Hemper.

This innovative online headshop sells glass that’s seriously elevated—and affordable

You should never settle for a boring bong or rig, especially now that head shops have moved online. The glassmakers at Hemper take the headshop to the next level, with curated bongs and rigs designed in-house.

Design and function go hand-in-hand at Hemper. Each piece tells a story, from the whimsical to the nostalgic to the just plain cool. Sometimes, taking a hit enhances the visual effect, sending swirling plumes of smoke around the piece and making it a dynamic work of art.

While there’s plenty here for the experienced glass connoisseur to browse, Hemper will also box up a complete setup for you with everything you need for bongs and rigs, plus a little bit extra. Like the very best in-person headshops, they’ll make sure you have everything you need to get started.

Having some trouble deciding? Hemper also offers subscription boxes, which can save you some serious cash on glass and accessories.

Bong vs. Rig

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a bong or water pipe. It’s a device for smoking cannabis flower similar to a regular old pipe, but with a watery chamber that collects and cools the smoke before you inhale it. Typically, you light the cannabis in a bowl that detaches from the piece to release the smoke.

“Dab rig” might be a newer term even to some seasoned cannabis users. The simplest explanation is that a rig is a bong for concentrated cannabis, or dabs, instead of dry herb—with some specialized features.

The “bowl” of a dab rig is a “nail” or “banger,” which typically has a 90-degree bend on its stem.  Rather than heat your cannabis inside the nail, you heat the nail first, then apply the cannabis using a long tool called a dabber so you don’t burn yourself.

How to dab cannabis concentrates: oil, shatter, wax, and more

The practical difference is that a rig uses convection heat, rather than a bong, which uses conductive heat. Your concentrates in your dab rig are heated indirectly by the nail, while your flower in your bong is heated directly by a lighter.

Many Hemper bongs and rigs are designed to be versatile and hit great with flower bowls and bangers alike.

High-design bongs

UFO Vortex Bong

Courtesy of Hemper

Your cannabis will take you to Area 51 with this six-inch-tall bong. It made its first landing in February 2019 and has dual chambers with some secret alien technology: Inlets in the upper chamber pull smoke from below into a vortex of vapor. A decal of an unsuspecting cow completes the classic aesthetic.

Hit this bong straight from the top of the UFO and get ready for some galaxy brain.

Crystal Ball Bong

Courtesy of Hemper

This mystical piece is small, but full of powerful magic. It’s hard to find a compact piece that hits really smoothly, but this crystal ball hides a clever little trick: A ring of interior holes that send plumes of smoke up through the sphere, creating a storm effect. It adds an extra bit of visual magic to each drag—and it gives the hit some extra time to cool down. It first hit doorsteps as part of Hemper’s September 2020 box.

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Rip-ready rigs

Pineapple Rig V2

Courtesy of Hemper

Get ready for some chill, tropical vibes with refreshing hits straight from a glass pineapple in the center of this rig. Its large globe chamber stacks bubbles and smoke, and a showerhead percolator diffuses the smoke for smoother rips. The Hemper design team debuted this little island vacation in April 2019.

Jellyfish Jar Rig

Courtesy of Hemper

Relive some childhood nostalgia with Hemper’s first SpongeBob Squarepants-themed piece from June 2020. The friendly blue or pink jellyfish takes the hit first, cooling the smoke. And at just seven inches tall, it’s nicely compact and portable. The straw-shaped mouthpiece is a comfortable way to sip your smoke.

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This is just a little preview of Hemper’s deep selection of in-house rigs and bongs. Hit up to find the perfect glass for your collection—and pick up some smoking accessories like grinders and papers while you’re there.

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