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Taking back the weeknight with WYNK seltzers

Presented ByWYNKPublished on May 25, 2023
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Weeknights are better with a WYNK of THC.

Weeknights get a bad rap. Weekends get all the glamor, all the perceived freedom of time, but they only clock in at two days to weekdays’ five. If you’re reserving your best times to only two days of the week, you’re leaving a lot of potential on the table. Make it make sense. 

Sure, weeknights have their own unique hurdles—you’ve got work to unwind from, and you’ve got to be fresh for the next day. But what if you could hack the weeknight to work for you and win a lot more fun back in your week? 

Quality time with friends and family has been shown to boost both mental and physical health, but if you’re only doing that on the weekends, you’re undermining your ability to recharge and avoid burnout.

If you want to embark on the noble pursuit of enjoying your week to its fullest, we have a contender to submit for the ultimate sidekick: the THC & CBD seltzer. 

THC & CBD seltzers, the weeknight warrior 

Courtesy of WYNK

Infused seltzers have arrived on the edibles scene with a splash of THC to liven up your average weeknight. A cold can in your hand at the end of the workday brings the familiar feeling that it’s time to unwind that you might get from a beer or hard seltzer, but THC & CBD seltzers have a welcome twist: no hangover. 

While that might be magic enough for many, we’d contend that the blissed-out, euphoric effects that THC is known for, plus the balancing effect that CBD is known to have on THC, make these drinks uniquely suited to a weeknight done well. 

Allow us to make the case for picking up a case of THC & CBD seltzers by taking a closer look at WYNK, a brand making a buzz on the seltzer scene with their THC & CBD drinks. 

What’s a WYNK? 

WYNK crafts their THC & CBD seltzers with all in-house production to offer three flavors of zero-calorie, zero-sugar infused seltzers. Black Cherry Fizz, Lime Twist, and Juicy Mango are each available in two different THC & CBD quantities, with balanced ratios of 2.5mg THC + 2.5mg CBD and 5mg THC + 5mg CBD per can, respectively. WYNK drinks pair their light, social buzz with a 10-15 minute onset time, so you won’t have to wait long for the good vibes to start after you’ve clocked out of your workday. 

A buzz that’s working for the weeknight 

Courtesy of WYNK

Let’s pop the hood on those ratios. You know THC—it’s the key part of cannabis and hemp plants that makes you feel high. You probably know CBD, too—it’s a therapeutic compound that’s non-intoxicating on its own and does some interesting things when combined with THC, thanks to a theory called the entourage effect. Most notably here, CBD is known to balance THC’s buzz and soften its euphoria, like a fun friend’s level-headed buddy. 

WYNK drinks offer that golden pairing of THC and CBD in two choose-your-own-adventure ratios, the 5mg THC + 5mg CBD and the low-dose 2.5mg THC + 2.5mg CBD. These options hold some big weeknight benefits: a standard recreational dose of THC is typically 10mg, so WYNK’s already pumped the brakes on the big, couch-locking high you might associate with higher-dose edibles or weekend-level escapades. 

From there, it’s simple to dial your choice to your tolerance level and grab a 2.5mg or 5mg can to start, practice the cherished wisdom of starting low and going slow with your dose, and stack cans as desired throughout the evening to heighten effects if the vibes take you there. 

Weeknights by WYNK 

Courtesy of WYNK

When you’re ready to shed the workday, connect with friends, and make the most of your night, a THC & CBD seltzer hits that perfect sweet spot for a buzzy, social beverage that’ll still keep you well-balanced to take on the next day. 

An inspired complement to your evening walk, picture sipping on a WYNK while you stroll, the world getting a little more lively, and the day’s stressors melting away. Your crew will thank you when you show up to the park with more to share, and catching up might just feel more cathartic with a wink of THC. 

Think WYNK before your weekly bowling night or when that co-worker you’ve been trying to make friends with asks you to shoot pool after work. The balanced THC & CBD buzz gives the perfect social lift, and you can better reserve your weeknight calories for those ‘famous hot wings’ on the menu. No risk of hangover required. 

The preferred sponsor of book club and art night, the pre-game for the intramural game, the envy of the group call, THC & CBD seltzers are the new toast of the weeknight. 

Where can I find WYNK? 

Ready to take back the weeknight? Stocking up on WYNK is simple. 

Where are WYNK THC & CBD seltzers available? 

WYNK seltzers are available for purchase online and at retail locations in 11 states. Click here to find WYNK. 

WYNK contains THC, why can I buy it online to be shipped? 

WYNK products contain delta-9 THC, the same intoxicating compound that’s found in traditional recreational & medical cannabis products—the difference is that the delta-9 THC used in WYNK products is sourced from hemp plants rather than cannabis plants. Hemp, by definition, contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight, and hemp plants and products derived from them became legal at the federal level in 2018 with the Farm Bill

Because WYNK products contain hemp-based THC and CBD, with delta-9 THC levels less than 0.3% by dry weight in each product, they are considered compliant under the 2018 Farm Bill and are available to ship nationwide. 

There’s a lot more to weeknights than we give them credit for, but that ends now thanks to THC & CBD seltzers like WYNK. Hit the link below to shop WYNK and start taking back the weeknight for good. 

Availability subject to law.

Presented ByWYNK
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