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Cannabis Legalization Bills Make Splash in Congress

Federal cannabis prohibition could soon come to an end thanks to a package of congressional bills introduced Thursday morning.

Our Top Canna-Crushes of 2017

From lawmakers to activists, we're sending a little love to our favorite canna-crushes for pushing legalization forward and fighting the good fight.

Earl Blumenauer Handicaps Tuesday’s ‘Very Consequential’ Legalization Votes

The Oregon congressman, famous for his bow ties and bicycle pins, has long been one of the strongest voices fighting for the end of federal cannabis prohibition.

Cannabis Advocates Kick Off Democratic Convention in Philly’s Main Line Clubhouse

On the eve of the Democratic National Convention’s opening, America’s cannabis caucus held a fundraiser that put the party on notice: The era of legalization and legitimacy has arrived.

Blumenauer Tells DNC to Put Some Teeth Into Its Legalization Plank Already

Rep. Blumenauer wants the Dems to add the phrase: "We support ending the failed federal marijuana prohibition.”

Lawmakers Face Off After House GOP Scraps Veterans Access Amendment

While Democrats held a nighttime sit-in for gun safety last week, House Republicans quietly removed language from a bill that would have allowed veterans safer access to medical cannabis.

State of the Leaf: Congress Could Open Doors to MMJ Research

Cannabis research in the U.S. could be getting easier, Arkansas and Massachusetts make strides toward legalization, and a New Mexico official is in hot water over delays to medical patients.

Anti-Cannabis Leader Resigns Over Controversial Tweets About Orlando Massacre

In the wake of Sunday’s tragic shooting rampage at a popular gay night club in Orlando, an anti-cannabis group saw an opportunity to score political points.

House Vote Brings Veterans a Big Step Closer to Medical Cannabis

A major breakthrough earlier today could change the way doctors treat military veterans when it comes to medical cannabis.

The Shake: 4/20 Edition

We can’t even begin to encompass all the news that’s breaking on this, the biggest and grandest and most blow-up-iest 4/20 in the history of time and the universe.

Batman in a Bow Tie: We Talk Cannabis Reform with Rep. Earl Blumenauer

Don’t be fooled by the charming bicycle pin and unassuming smile — when it comes to fighting for cannabis reform, Blumenauer is Batman in a bowtie.

Blumenauer Stands Up to the DEA for Medical Marijuana

Upon hearing the contentious words from DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg that caused an outrage among the medical marijuana community, Rep. Blumenauer took action.