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Cannabis Legalization Bills Make Splash in Congress

March 30, 2017
US Capitol over blue sky with blooming cherry on foreground
Cannabis prohibition at the federal level could soon come to an end thanks to congressional legislation introduced Thursday morning to remove cannabis from the federal Controlled Substances Act and instead regulate and tax it similarly to alcohol.

US Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and House Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) introduced the bills, which end federal prohibition, allow states to decide whether to legalize, and impose certain federal regulations on cannabis businesses in legal states.


Cannabis Now Has Its Own Congressional Caucus

The Senate bill would also put in place a federal excise tax on cannabis products. In the House, a cannabis tax is being floated as a separate measure, introduced by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR).

On the criminal justice front, a separate set of so-called cannabis policy “gap” bills, also introduced by Wyden and Blumenauer of Oregon, would eliminate many of the consequences associated with federal cannabis convictions. The standalone bills could lessen cannabis penalties even if the rescheduling bills fall through.

“As more states follow Oregon’s leadership in legalizing and regulating marijuana, too many people are trapped between federal and state laws,” Blumenauer said in a statement. “It’s not right, and it’s not fair. We need change now—and this bill is the way to do it.”

“It’s time for Congress to step up.”
Robert Capecchi, director of federal policies, Marijuana Policy Project

Wyden, along with bipartisan Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Michael Bennett (D-CO), filed an additional bill that would reform US Tax Code Section 280E to allow state-legal cannabis businesses to deduct business expenses from their federal taxes. Blumenauer and Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) filed a companion bill in the House.

Taken together, the package of legislation is seen as an effort to better harmonize policy between the many states moving forward with cannabis legalization and a federal government that still regulates cannabis more strictly than opium or cocaine.

“This is commonsense legislation that will eliminate the growing tension between federal and state marijuana laws,” Robert Capecchi, director of federal policies for the Marijuana Policy Project, said in a statement. “Voters and legislatures are rolling back antiquated state marijuana prohibition policies, and it’s time for Congress to step up at the federal level.”

Despite growing threats from the Trump administration against adult-use cannabis, Capecchi added that the bills could help diffuse tension between states and the feds and help foster a more cooperative regulatory relationship.


Meet the NFF: New Group to Lobby Trump, Congress on Cannabis

“States are adopting laws designed to improve public safety by replacing the illegal marijuana market with a tightly regulated system of production and sales,” he said. “The federal government should be working to facilitate that transition, not hinder it. It’s time for Congress to come to grips with the fact that marijuana is safer than alcohol, and most Americans think it should be treated that way.”

Data released yesterday from the General Social Survey shows the portion of American adults who think cannabis use should be legal grew from 52% in 2014 to 57% in 2016. A Quinnipiac University poll released last month also found 57% support nationally for legalization.

Despite increases in public support, many are more concerned about a federal crackdown than they have been in years.  In California, which legalized cannabis for adult use in November, “voters have decided we don’t want to spend scarce resources on a war on marijuana,” said Lynne Lyman, California state director for the Drug Policy Alliance. “The threat of federal intervention essentially signifies a return to prohibition, which is a return to the chaos of an untaxed unregulated underground market, and ensnares thousands of otherwise law-abiding Californians in the devastating cycle of the criminal justice system.”


Correction: Due to an editing error, a previous version of this story incorrectly referred to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) as a member of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. Wyden has not joined the caucus. His House of Representatives counterpart, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), is a caucus co-founder.

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Gage Peake

Gage Peake is a former staff writer for Leafly, where he specialized in data journalism, sports, and breaking news coverage. He's a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's College of Journalism and Mass Communications.

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  • Matt Cargill

    I hope this is a true story. This has gone on too long.

    • Jimmy Dean

      It is, and please call your senators to get it passed! We all need to. I live in Oregon, but have called congresspeople in several other states like CA, ID, NV, AZ, and NM. It just takes a minute, DO IT!!

  • Erik

    Absolutely. Amazing.
    Two Thumbs Up and a Humongous Kudos to the fine senators and representatives from Colorado, Oregon, Florida, and Kentucky(Rand Paul is always there for the good fight, that’s for sure)

    • PoliWach

      Nothing gets passed federally without Trump’s blessing. So, if it comes to pass, then you will owe him some kudos for sure.

      • John Lupton

        Love > Fear

      • Jenny Cupcakes

        That orange cheeto can suck my cat’s diarrhea through a straw. I will never give him kudos for anything.

        • Geoff Jacobs

          I hope your cat feels better!

      • Youth InAsia

        F#ck that guy, He’s a pair of CLOWN SHOES

        • Tom V

          Your civic IGNORANCE is overwhelming you inept fool! DUH!! Open your eyes, or go put your clown make-up back on! Make sure it’s orange, Asia boy!

      • Gary Craig

        All signs, if it even got out of committee, are pointing to Trump veto. Ya know, so the AG can have his war on legal weed. We shall see, I guess.

  • lovingc

    Get some follow thru going. It is nice to see these bills but it would be a lot better if they were being enacted. Of course some one would have to hold a gun to Trumps head to get him to sign them.

    • Pudentain

      Trump actually stated he was all for states rights on Marijuana. Medical 100%, recreational up to the states. Expect him to sign.

      • lovingc

        Nothing Trump has said can be believed. He lies about everything. Soon he will be to busy covering his own but to sign anything.

      • All of Trump’s proposed and actual* “drug warrior” cabinet picks
        BETRAY his tepid “leave it to the states” pro-cannabis campaign promises.

        Of course,
        *AG Jeffy NoRegard Secessions III is in favor of “States’ Rights”,
        (except when it’s something he’s not in favor of…like cannabis…).

        • Pudentain

          Maybe, but his pick to head the Food and Drug administration prescribed Marijuana in his personal practice. And there are several bills being pushed in Congress. Which if enacted will leave Sessions out of the loop and able to focus on actual crimes.

  • Highway 69

    Wait…April Fools Day isn’t here yet!

  • Goldie

    Some ’em while you can!!

  • Christina V

    The bill for medical use passed here in PA last may but since then has struggled my area to find dispensaries and growers. Meanwhile, those in need of it are left in a grey area. For example, I suffer from bipolar disorder, seasonal affect disorder, ADD and insomnia. Insurance is rough for me right now. The state gives me a hard time with that I end up paying for meds and that have an adverse reactions. I’ve tried large doses of just about every single sleep med. NOTHING WORKS. I have been smoking for 2yrs. And I’ve been sleeping at night with no sleep paralysis. No side effects,etc. Police in my area said that they will not file charges on someone using for medical purposes as long as no one is in dangering anyone else’s well being (children,etc.) The amount must be small enough for personal use and must be smoked indoors. They can’t really do anything because there are no laws in place yet. I really hope this goes through. I recently stopped (for a variety of reasons) and I haven’t slept in days. I’m exhausted. I can’t wait til this is all sorted out. I did my research. For my condition thanks to CNN and leafly the strain that works best is OG Kush. Unfortunately that’s the problem with street purchase. Your not sure what strain your actually getting.

    • Gary Craig

      Maryland passed its mmj law, lets see, oh yeah, in 2014. It’s only been over three years. We have Zero, zip, zilch & nada dispensaries.

  • Joshua Propes

    Now this is a showing of the democracy that this country is supposed to be promised. Seeing the common people coming forward, and saying ENOUGH is something we haven’t seen since the March’s on the capital of decades ago. It is our responsibility, our duty to break any law that is unfair and unjust.
    I urge you all to contact your state representatives, and make your voice be heard.

  • MG Deegan

    I am a medical marijuana patient card holder

    • Schmaltzy

      Same. and my 93 year old mom uses it to help with her torn rotator cuff – she has excruciating pain from it and at her age, surgery not an option. she calls this a wonder drug.

  • Ted McDonald


  • 7csssss

    I agree. It should be legalized. If someone want to increase their chances of developing of Parkinson, Alzheimer’s or dementia; then let them.

    • Schmaltzy

      facts please? where you getting that info? Because cannabis helps control all of those and more.

    • Pudentain

      Studies show it is a neural protectant. So, not sure where you got this idea.

  • Gerald Garrett

    Prohibition is the biggest con ever pulled on human beings by a bunch of pill popping drinkers making unjust laws to unjustly control 100% of the populace.

    • PoliWach

      I’ll tell you what’s trying to unjustly control ‘the world’.
      A far more dangerous movement on behalf of the UN One World Order (moneyed elites who run the UN).
      If they succeed, we will all be living under a Technocratic Oligarchy…….. Communism.
      They’ve been implementing this plan for decades and ARE making headway. They are the group (Soros, Bilderberg Group, leaders of western nations (except Trump) Jimmy Carter, the Bush family, The Trilateral, Committee of 300………….etc) all extremely wealthy who see themselves leaders of a One World Order. Perhaps you are already aware of this but, just in case, you would do well to educate yourself. Knowledge is power.
      Under Obama, who answers to the UN, America was on the verge of collapsing. A deliberate move by Obama on behalf of the UN to allow these moneyed elitists to take control of a weakened America and the rest of the world would be easy except China & Russia. Not sure who’s side they’d be on……. One World or hold their own ground.
      Unless one lives in a cocoon, they know about some of this. Others are well informed. By the way, Academia is fully on board with One World Order. You might ask, why would anyone choose such a thing. Very simple. They’ve been brainwashed by the proponents of NWO that a One World Order would be a wonderful utopian world community, impossibly ideal conditions of a perfect society in which everyone works well with each other and is happy: Oh and unicorns too.

      • Robert Golff

        Let me opine with the following factoid. One in every six human beings is from CHINA. They need and want to control the flow of all natural resources in the world, in particular food products, in order to feed their 1.5 billion people. Their government is a communist based hierarchy with 80 million members. Since George H. Bush made a deal with Deng while Mao was still alive in 1975, we have watched the transfer of America’s “means of production”.i.e, factories transfer all assets to China. Forget about “One World”, China is going to run the world in the very near future. They have 20 trillion of the worlds currencies and (debt), while the U.S. has 20 trillion of debt. It is inconcievable and unsustainable for the dollar and the U.S. “good life” to survive the onslaught of the debt payment of “interest” only that exceeds the collection of taxes from a shrinking work force. That is why all the multi-national corporations have their offices overseas. They don’t want anythin to do with the American quagmire. My issue is with History, which states that when a country becomes insolvent to another country, the solution has been WAR. Teach your children Chinese instead of Spanish or German.

        • christopher rose

          Good point!…But…
          China’s one child policy has doomed their efficiency to help and finance their ageing population….big burden.
          Also notice the empty “New” cities that were built to house the farmers who would be the slave labor for production …
          But word got out and nobody showed up….smart…
          Collectively ….that country mostly copies innovations and doesn’t really create many….again …with slave labor.
          If you think income equality is bad in the U.S. …get a load of this….
          Less than 2 percent of workers earn enough to pay income tax, according to Goldman Sachs. ( Sorry to use these scumbags for reference)
          China’s average annual wage was 56,360 yuan ($8,655) in 2014,
          and Goldman Sachs estimates that 387 million rural workers — half the
          working population — earn about $2,000 a year….imagine trying to live on that!
          Yet…The Chinese couple (non- US citizens) across the street from my parents are selling their beach front home for a mere $10M!
          That’s a lot of peasant raping….and this common theme doesn’t bring a whole lot of national pride…another un-doing.
          As far as language….Asians and Arabs are not going to let you breed into their families….Sorry.
          The way to change history ….is simple…kill Bank’s and enforce borders….spend the asinine interest payments on education.
          Sorry everyone for being so off topic…please fire up some ” mind rape Teddy” and have a great day!

          • Robert D. Bruce

            Yea of course. 1 child policy with female infanticide. Now they have a standing army of young males that scare the piss out of me.

        • Christopher Erz

          I hate to tell you this my friend BUT YOUR 1 in 6 people are from China has fault in that statistics. #1not all people that live in China are of Chinese decent, #2 Tawainese, Japanese, Vietnam, Korea. NOW IF your going into any form of engineering you should be teaching your Children GERMAN! I have lived all over the world and the Chinese language isn’t necessary for Business because I deal with Factories that produce Christmas Lights, LED Candles, and ofcourse custom boxing. Each company had representive that speaks ENGLISH. There isn’t a major company in China that doesn’t have an english speaking rep. Also Developmental Technology is best coing out of Germany. As for the BEST COUNTRY FOR BUSINESS Location. Is Denmark. They offfer the best socialist business country. I was hoping America would take note from Socialist countries like Germany or Canada, but only for Medical and Education,as for the rest. Obama tried with medical FAIL!!!! I can’t get any good care without hour drives to doctors who accept Obama Care Or Horizon State. Legalize Recreational Marijuana and easily we will be able to lower our medical costs. I believe everyone that is a citizen should have free medical and free education. I had an Endoscopy done in 2015 in Estonia I was only a resident and the whole procedure cost me 34 Euros. I just had one done a few months ago and it cost 3000 dollars. Dental Implant in Estonia 500 euros. Here at least 2000 minimum. Education is also free in Estonia. THEY ACTUALLY PAY YOU TO GO TO SCHOOL!!!!! Also Estonian Business University is partnered with an American University meaning graduates get dual degrees European Business degree and American Business Degree. If my x-wife hadn’t cheated and robbed me of over 50K euros out of my savings before I could lock it down I’d of never come back to USA. Majority of Americans Especially Tri-State East Coast and West Coast think their shit doesn’t stink. AMERICANS ARE known throughout Europe, Asia, Africa(Egypt) every country I’ve been in Except Estonia, and Germany. HATE AMERICANS> They call us FAT, GREEDY, RUDE, INCONSIDERATE, Narcistic people. Makes me sad. I’m Happy to be first generation German-American(dad came from germany) so I had family all over. The medical Care in GERMANY is the best I’ve ever recieved. I was sick with cyclical vomiting, extreme abdominal pain, IBD, IBS, Spinal Stenosis. I spent since 2007to 2010 trying to find the cause using American doctors and hospitals. I went to visit my friend in germany and had an attack. The room I was in was like a hotel, my bed was a full size bed. With-in 1 week of being there , they diagnosed me with Hashimotos and Auto Immune that attacks thyroid, as well as MS. Brought paper work back with me went to see Rheumatologist with paper work he confirmed the German doctors were Right. I suffered nearly 8 years 2007-2015 no diagnoses and psychiatrists and gastros trying to load me up on Benzo”s and Opiates. USA is on a fast decline. Reputation is slowly being destroyed. As for our debt legalize cannabis and in a 10 year tax period and We will be paid up or catching up. 1.5billion in taxes legalized states. TIME FOR CHANGE. The TOP three languages to learn are ENGLISH, German, Chinese. I think German and Chinese should be required. Top two countries for engineering, sciences and mathematics. think their pay is bad. Estonia minimum wage gas station attendant or cash register person max pay 350 Euros for a whole month.

        • Steven Hayman

          What does this have to do with this topic, or am the only one that missed it?

      • VegasChris

        Oh brother. Some folks just can’t stay on topic. Go push your silly agenda elsewhere.

        • Tom V

          They are staying on topic! Maybe if people like you would open your fragile egg shell mind and WAKE UP! Your lack of attention is what’s really silly, you CLOWN!! DUH! Moron Vegas clown!

          • VegasChris

            I’d tell you where to go but it’s obvious you’re already there…

        • lovingc

          Just block them.

        • Steven Hayman

          You got that right.

      • phaedrus1982

        it’s a nick nack poliwach, leave the frog alone

    • Jimmy Dean

      Call your congresspersons and tell them to pass it!

      • Steven Hayman

        Thanks Jimmy, have already started doing just that.

  • Gerb00

    Anyone having trouble with medical cannabis costs etc, go see NDEV, they have insurance plans to help pay for it, they have about a 4 year lead over everyone else, there are very few if any other companies offering insurance in the cannabis industry.

  • HippyJesus

    As an oregonian, i am extremely proud of both our senators. Wyden and Merkley have both been outstanding in their support of cannabis and the industry. This bill unfortunately has little to no chance with the current makeup of congress, but it’s good to see more and more of these kinds of sentiments being displayed in serious national policy discussion. Cannabis can save us and once the policies line up with science, it will.

  • Schmaltzy

    Finally a bill that makes sense. Cut throat Republicans are so biased against this because it has to do with science..and we know they hate science.

    • Rick Isaak

      This bill proposed is a bi partisan bill. One of the few times recently that Republicans and Democrats are working together on something.

    • PoliWach

      They wouldn’t even be considering this if they didn’t already have Trump’s approval and know that he would pass it.
      He has the final say when it comes to Federal law.

      • shadeaux14

        You display the same ignorance about the workings of Government as White Trash President Trump. He DOES NOT HAVE THE FINAL SAY when it comes to federal Law…..THE SUPREME COURT DOES

        If White Trash President Trump is pro cannabis, why did he appoint an avowed pot prohibitionist (and OVERT racist) Comrade Jeffy sessions to be Atty General?

        • John Hampton

          You my friend, are silly. Racist? When you accuse EVERYONE of being a racist then NO ONE is a racist. You do a great disservice to blacks that over the years have been victims of racism. Stop your hate.

          • Geoff Jacobs

            He didn’t accuse everyone. He accused Jeff Sessions and rightfully so.

          • John Hampton

            Friend, you are forcing me to defend Sessions… something I don’t really want to do. But when you accuse and defend the statement he is overtly racist, it invalidates any other criticism you have. Please give me one FACT that would support him being a racist. Do you have any reliable sources that prove this? Do you know the man and his heart? Call him an asshole, jerk, hateful, etc… These would be acceptable perceptions of how you see him. But calling him (or anyone) a racist without first hand knowledge of said person is grossly irresponsible…

        • CATRYNA49

          Indeed, Sessions is a hateful and ignorant piece of work, who does not care about the average citizens welfare. He is the typical propagandized moron that no one needs anywhere.

          • John Hampton

            geez people here are so judgemental. sure, call him hateful and arrogant. acceptable observations. But you know his heart that he does not care about the average citizen’s welfare? How can you possibly know that? The reason I don’t care for the guy is because of his outspoken opinion against cannabis legalization. I think he is wrong. But I am tolerant of his different opinion. He has his reasons but I dont pretend to know his heart.
            Light up and love… Not hate. Then we resolve our differences.

        • lovingc

          Trump is insane.

      • Pete Robbins

        Trump & his cronies are part of the problem… we are talking about a long over due change to a very f’ked up federal law & the people are the one’s to make change , not politicians

    • CATRYNA49

      It looks to me from the, 4 politicians mentioned, that most are Republicans. There are some decent politicians in all the parties although, I would admit, that most are evil, dishonest and not to be trusted and mots should be ousted out of office and sent to prison.

      • Jimmy Dean

        Wyden is a dem my friend. Call your state congresspersons and ask them to pass this one!

      • lovingc

        The cannabis caucus is balanced evenly between the two major parties.

  • Kyle Morgan

    It is time to end this nonsense Look at the money already lost due negative bull headed stubborn behavior, What most people don’t realize it always has went on Its going on now and its going on tomorrow anyway, might as well capitalize on it with some tax, I’d really hate to think how much has been lost over the last 50 yrs.

    • lovingc

      Try 80 years that it has been illegal.

      • Gary Craig

        80 years of negative, anti cannabis brainwashing. Harry Anslinger knew he was lying through his teeth back in the 30’s. That one man, with some help, has caused much misery and suffering in this country, as well as around the globe. Just so he could find purpose after the re-legalizing of poison. Sorry, alcohol.

  • RyzinRico

    Its a long hard road but at least now we are taking the first steps…

  • Rick Isaak

    With Canada being poised to become the first industrialized country to legalize pot next year, it would be absurd that we still keep it illegal.

    • Gary Craig

      Pretty sure we’ll (US government) try and pressure Canada to not legalize, re UN drug convention.

  • Stimpy

    Let’s see, today isn’t April 1st … right?

  • Ray Anthony Cogo

    a very confusing contradictory story…
    the same old propaganda

  • mcrann1

    this would be the best present the world could give itself. In all areas that life brings. And still there are so many other things to learn.

  • Russ Nikov

    got freedom? legalize nature

  • cotty

    This is awesome we need to get this passed and Trump will sign it.😁😀😁

  • Justin Yearsich
  • Justin Yearsich
  • Robyn Solski

    Until Christie f**ks it up. I know. I’m from Jersey. While we have medical marijuana, we only have herb, no other choice for us like oils,medibiles, or tinctures etc. I don’t wish to be a “buzzkill” – its just a heads up.

    • Jimmy Dean

      call em my friend. We wont know what we can do this time till we make an effort. Call your congresspersons and tell them to pass it!

      • Robyn Solski

        Jimmy Dean you are so right! I have been right up front with my usage to everyone; family, doctors, congressman- in an effort to help de-stigmatize it. I have done more than this – all received positively.

    • lovingc

      Medibles are easy to make just some canna butter and a cookie mix tat uses oil or butter (Betty Crocker kits). A little time and baking et voila.

      • Robyn Solski

        THANKS LOVING! can wait to bake

  • Steven Hayman

    Hoping this is no April Fools day prank after all we all know whats reported by any one other than FOX is fake news. The current administration or drug manufacturers wants to go the other direction with this issue which makes no LOGICAL since at all. What am I doing here, using the words Logical and Government in the same sentence, my bad.

    • Ernest Cook

      Fox News is the most racist news station out there. Fox is not the best place to get information because it’s biased and they leave out news that other stations include. As well as tell things differently. Smh, FOX News 😂!

      • Steven Hayman

        Thanks Ernest, that was just what I was saying. By no means do I believe anothing that FOX News reports.

    • Jimmy Dean

      This is legit! I live in Oregon and our congresspersons, except for one, are all on board. We need yall to make calls and ask yours to pass it too!

      • Steven Hayman

        With the present administration it’s very hard to a clear answer on anything. I’m all for this action and have started contacting my representatives about this.

  • Julie Wolfe

    Well they are right about 1 thing. It isn’t fair. But what they are still failing to understand is….my usage of marijuana IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. Period. Why isn’t anyone doing something about THIS? Instead we are letting them just dig marijuana deeper deeper into THEIR CONTROLLING HANDS…..and WHY? Screw this. This is not progress.

    • lovingc

      Are you someone? Why aren’t you doing something about this. When asking these questions always stand in front of a mirror.

  • Joe

    Just make it legal. No fucking bullshit regulations or big weed, just weed. Let us grow this fucking plant goddamnit! You let us grow any sort of poisionous flowers and buses we want, but the second one of them is actally good for you it’s bad, because it makes you think differentyl. O no!!!! Not independent thought! We can’t let the pepole do that! They’re too stupid to think for themselves! It’s either totally legal or its just another thING they can dangle in front of our faces so we’ll sit and stay.

  • Alien Hippies

    Q: How many years does it take to win the War on Drugs?
    A: Who knows? It’s only been 46 years since Nixon started it, and now marijuana is everywhere, cheaper and stronger than ever before. Opiods are destroying lives more than ever before. Meth is like an elephant in the room people wish would just go away, but it doesn’t, and I don’t know about coke and “X” but I’m pretty sure those are the only reasons people still go to Burning Man. What I’m trying to say is – mission accomplished! Good work everybody. Now, let’s all go drink and drive!

  • JWebb

    the road to hell is paved with optimism. very unlikely any of this will ever see a vote.

  • YearofAction

    So many bills to reform marijuana? All of the bills mentioned in this article can be replaced with one constitutionally legitimate bill which exposes the riddle in the illegitimate, non-sacrosanct, yet long lasting current federal definition of marijuana with plain text:

    Sec.802.(16). The term “marijuana” means all parts of the smoke produced by the combustion of the plant Cannabis sativa L. which is prohibited to be grown by or sold by any publicly traded corporation or subsidiary company.

    Reform first, then reschedule. Let’s contact these members of Congress to enact this simple reform which de-schedules the versatile cannabis plant, and permits the reformed definition to then be rescheduled for adult use.

    Find the riddle in the current federal definition of marijuana listed here:

  • Rick Sizemore

    THIS bunch of crook’es that’s in office is not going to do anything to help end prohibition TRUMP IS A LIAR.SESSIONS IS A MORON. THATS is sit in there old out of date ways and won’t change for no one.

  • Robbie Rolfe

    Weed is not bad by its side effects it is just the way the non supporters treat it, I get high to ease the pain on life and all of the world’s problems(the horrible unbalance between the rich and the poor and how we treat each other) marijuana is nothing counterfeit by far and if anything the government gets more money out of us 99% because of federal taxes that separate us poor and the wealthy. It just keeps trickling down anyways the government only cares about money and resources not the plant itself which I still will never understand why people dislike the legal use of marijuana, but I’m not trying to start a little war here either.

  • James Fabins

    I hope the bullshit level is low. Time for this country to stand up and join the 21st century on this issue.

  • milonguera

    Looks like an uphill battle with folks like Sessions acting on their “beliefs” rather than science. How can we get more people on board to encourage these Senators?

    • Robbie Rolfe

      That is true too bad I don’t have the brains to understand that level of authority. Maybe one day

    • Jimmy Dean

      It has been for many decades, but this is why we need to speak up! Call your congresspersons!

      • Gary Craig

        Yep, I’ll place that call to my Republican Congressman. Gee, I wonder what ANDY HARRIS will say?

    • lovingc

      Money it is the only thing politicians seem to want. But calls and letters of encouragement would go a long way to cheer them on.


    I certainly hope so and a long time coming! All Cannabis, including Hemp should be legal. What a boon to society this would be and knock Pharma on it’s can, finally! I’m beginning to see the Rockefeller foundation being knocked to it’s knees! I hope it comes fast and hard.

    “The standalone bills could lessen cannabis penalties even if the rescheduling bills fall through.” There should be no penalties at all!

  • Kathleen Ferguson

    I’m so sick of celebrities (Kathy Lee and Hoda) who sit onstage during live performances and DRINK their wine. I’m tired of all the ads bestowing the virtue of alcohol (Capt. Morgan Rum). I’m tired of watching the police shows when officers stop a driver and the smell pot and they are arrested for just the pot alone. The fact is this disparaging of marijuana while alcohol is condoned. I feel we should start making commercials to educate those, whom I pretty much think they are in the minority, about the virtues of pot. I’m not surprised by the many, many, many people who smoke-I feel it’s the vast majority of our population as well as the world. Viceland, a new cable network, shows a lot of documentary about all kinds of things but they have one show called “Weediquette” that is pretty much right on and educational. Alcohol should be considered a narcotic 1 on the list.

    • Jimmy Dean

      Call your congresspersons and those in the states next to you! This is how we will win. This is the real deal!

    • Gary Craig

      Alcohol is a killer. It can actually poison you. I’ve never heard of cannabis poisoning. Well unless “our” government sprayed it with pesticides. A part of the vaunted “War on (some) Drugs. I, too, am sick of the glory given to alcohol/hard liquor! I’m not into the “cold filtered taste” of whatever beer. Captain Morgan? No thank you!

  • Bmweric

    What I love is that the first thing they think of is more taxes. Don’t do the right thing, let’s just get our cut of the $$$, after decades of outright stealing via the DEA and law enforcement.

    You can have anything if you can figure out a way for congress to wring bucks out of it – of course, the Pharma industry is going to fight this tooth and nail, using all their old favorites.

    More states need to legalize and then we can simply force the hands of Congress, while minimizing the cost to the consumer by way of unfair taxes.

  • VegasChris

    It’s too early to get excited over this, the bill is going to be DOA without GOP support. Have you been following the trend of this administration?

    • Jimmy Dean

      don’t be negative bro, give your congresspersons a call and tell them to pass it. Paul is a leading R by the way and a co sponsor. We won’t know till we try!

  • Donn Hedden

    It would make sense except too many members of congress are deeply invested in private prisons and the weed laws have been feeding a stream of prisoners into them. Look for Sessions to make a major crackdown. And my bet would be on CA though CO could be “high” on his list with the hit they have made. As always, follow the money. You want reform in the weed laws, reform the prisons and end private prisons that exist to make their fat cat super rich even super richer.

  • Todd Burgess

    They could save reams of paper, ink and time by letting nature BE. If it grows out of the ground it should not be illegal. Legislate trees, tomatoes or some other entity which cannot be controlled by paper proclamation.

  • Karla Johnson

    Yeah Yeah If you can’t beet them then join in as far as they are concern..more money in their
    pocket that’s alllll that’s !!!

  • Jimmy Dean

    Hey Leafly, what are the bill numbers so we everyone can call on them in support?!

  • Jimmy Dean

    Bill is S777 for allowing MJ business to take tax deductions just like other business’. Please call and ask your senator to vote yes!

  • Excuse me

    Awesome. Now If the bill has passes both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate and has gets signed by the President, or if he vetoes it and then Congress votes so the veto is overridden, the bill will become a law the FDA would have to abide by. Otherwise, Big Pharma rules, as usual, through the FDA.
    Would Trump sign a bill like this? Depends on what is in it for him politically. Sessions may still be seeing visions of “Reefer Madness” in his head, or is the take from Big Pharma, but Sessions does not control Trump, and with the right deal making, we could see a rescheduling. Or with the right deal making, Trump could order Sessions to do it. (Such unilateral decisions, outside the FDA could result in legal challenge.)
    Remember, Hillary wanted to reschedule cannabis, or she promised to do so on the campaign trail, but she wanted to reschedule to Level II. If cannabis were down-scheduled to Level II, it would still be federally illegal to produce and sell because Schedule II drugs cannot be given out without a prescription. A prescription can only be written for an FDA-approved drug, and there are no FDA-approved drugs made with the whole cannabis plant.

  • Jack Holtman

    Makes me feel that some politicians do actually have half a brain.