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The High Score: 8 Visually Stunning Video Games to Explore While Stoned

Love pairing cannabis and video games? Explore these visually stunning titles for your next stoned gaming session.

The High Score: The Best Nintendo 64 Games to Revisit as a Stoned Adult

Grab your pipe, your favorite strain, and your dusty old N64 (…or a simulator); these Nintendo 64 games are our favorites to play while high.

The High Score: E3 Video Game Teasers That Have Us Readying Our Pipes

The E3 video game expo of 2017 has come and gone once again. Which games have us loading a bowl in restless anticipation?

Who Won Leafly’s High Five VR Challenge? Watch the Exciting Conclusion

Behold Leafly’s High Five Virtual Reality Challenge, with six rounds of stoned gaming standing between five contestants and the grand prize of a delicious ounce.

10 Thoughts We Had Playing the ‘Hempire’ Mobile Game While High

We put ‘Hempire,’ a comprehensive marijuana growing game app, to the test with three Leafly volunteers. Here are our 10 takeaways from the experience.

The High Score: Zelda, Breath of the Wild Game Review

We got stoned and played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Read about the immersive gameplay and how it’s perfect for a higher state of mind.

Pair These Washington Edibles With Your Weekend Skyrim Binge

What better way to get lost in the massive world of Skyrim than playing while you’re high? Try these Washington edibles for your next session.

Bask in Pac-Man Nostalgia With These 5 Themed Strains and Products

Whether you want a spooky hybrid marijuana strain, a carb cap, or some candies to munch on, these Pac-Man-themed cannabis products won't disappoint!

What Are the Best Single and Multiplayer Video Games to Pair with Cannabis?

We've got multiplayer video game suggestions for your group cannabis sesh, as well as single-player options for when you want to enjoy cannabis solo.

We Paired These Cannabis Strains with a No Man’s Sky Gaming Sesh

We paired some space-related cannabis strains while playing No Man's Sky to see whether it augmented or hindered the visually stunning gaming experience.

Catch These 7 Cannabis Strains for Your Next Pokémon GO Session

Is the augmented reality of Pokémon GO starting to bore you? Here are seven cannabis strains to help guide you on your next journey to catch ‘em all.

Watch This: Conan O’Brien Hits the Vape and Plays Mario Kart With Seth Rogen and Zac Efron

To promote the release of Neighbors 2 on May 20th, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron challenged Conan O'Brien to a rousing game of Mario Kart 8 with some frat boy stakes.

What’s the Most Popular Video Game to Play While High?

Cannabis can be a magnificent companion to the virtual world, so we dug into Leafly’s strain reviews to find out which games were cherished most and how different varieties affected your abilities and experiences.

Why Did This Pro Video Gaming League Ban Cannabis?

Cannabis has been a long-time favorite of many professional and amateur gamers, so why is this professional gaming league banning it?