How to Host a Cannabis-Themed Game Night

Published on April 6, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
How to Host a Cannabis-Themed Game Night

Game nights with your friends are always fun, so if you’ve never hosted one, it’s time to change that. How?

Step 1: Add cannabis, because according to Wiz Khalifa, “everything’s better when you’re high.”

Step 2: Follow everything else in this article.

Stock Up on Strains, Products, and Delivery Methods

Cannabis is expensive, but you can’t host a canna-game night without providing your guests with a few THC vessels to get them in the spirit. You could procure some edibles from your favorite dispensary, or bake up a sheet of of infused cookies/mini muffins/brownies and have every guest consume at least one upon arrival (or however many they feel comfortable eating based on individual tolerance levels). Think of this as the cannabis version of jello shots at the annual Halloween party. The delayed effect of the edibles will add an extra layer of fun when the night’s in full swing andthey kick in during the second round of Apples to Apples.

In addition to edibles, you can provide pre-rolls, a dabbing station, or set up some pipes and bongs for guest to spark up at their leisure. Encourage your guests to bring their favorite strains and products as well to ensure sure there are enough options to share and try.

Make Sure You’ve Got Plenty of Food

Think of your game night as a Super Bowl party. You need finger foods and various snackums like tortilla chips and seven-layer dip, double-stuffed Oreos, trail mix galore, pretzels, cheese balls, and anything else that people can unconsciously over-indulge in as they’re high as giraffe balls.

The real move, though? Place a delivery order during the first 15 minutes of the game night when everyone’s sitting there thinking, “Damn, Dante didn’t provide any food?” Then BAM. Right as the edible hits their craniums, a knock on the door reveals a courier with seven boxes of pizza.

In addition to food, you’ll need to have an abundance of water for everyone. You’re going to be smoking joints, taking dabs, hitting bong rips, etc, and it’s going to dry your body out. No one wants dehydration to come in between them and their fun. Considering alcohol optional, as the cross-fade between cannabis and liquor/beer can lead to dizzy regret.

Pick the Games You Want to Play

The games are the most important part of the night. Because everyone should be stoned out of their mind, you’ll want to play games that force your guests to use their brains. That means the traditional board/card/table games are a no. Dominoes? Outta there. Monopoly? Pssh, yeah right. Uno? It’s a no from me, dog.

Here are a few of my favorite games to play on cannabis-infused game night:


Taboo is one of those games that can get HEATED out of nowhere. The rules are simple: you have random words on cards and the goal is to get your teammate to guess the words without using certain banned words as clues. It’s so damn fun, and being stoned adds another layer of difficulty because you’ll have to dig into your brain while under the pressure of a clock, which means the chances of your mind going blank are incredibly, well, high.

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What Do You Meme?

You know when a fire meme hits the timeline and everyone scrambles to add the best joke to it before the meme dies? That’s what this game is, so it’s hilarious when everyone is stoned, as it leads to jokes upon jokes upon jokes. The rules are simple: everyone’s got a handful of cards that have potential captions for potential memes. The host flips out a meme, and then everyone has to play whichever caption they feel matches the meme best. It’s one of those games where everything’s funny, so if you’re stoned and have a case of the giggles, What Do You Meme? is quite enjoyable.

Cards Against Humanity

An obvious favorite, this is another option for the goofy group of stoners who enjoy game night. You never know what’s going to be thrown on that table, but you’re guaranteed to get some great laughs out of it. In Cards Against Humanity, a question is thrown out, like “What are my parents hiding from me?”, and everyone at the table throws in an answer. The person judging that round chooses what he or she thinks is the funniest/best response. It tends to start out fun and ends up getting extremely dirty, which is perfect because everyone at your party should be an adult (21+), anyway.

Don’t Forget the Door Prizes/Goody Bags

Lastly, to ensure you’ve hosted the perfect cannabis-fueled game night, give away door prizes or gift bags. This is what separates you apart from the amateur game night hosts. Consider not even telling your friends they’re playing for a prize. Instead, when the evening has drawn to a close and you tally up who has the most wins, hand out a gift—maybe a gram of flower or a pocket pipe. It doesn’t have to be huge; it’s more about the surprise of a gift than the gift itself, resulting in the perfect ending to a perfect game night.

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