Who Won Leafly’s High Five VR Challenge? Watch the Exciting Conclusion

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Who Won Leafly's High Five VR Challenge?

Five contestants lean back into the couch, disappearing inch by inch into the cushions with every puff off the vaporizer or joint. A golden trophy, filled to the brim with a mixed ounce of Rainbow Jones, Moon Cookies, and Thin Mint GSC, sits nobly among a table full of snacks. The winner of Leafly’s High Five Virtual Reality Challenge would be the proud owner of the stash, but six episodes would stand between them and their prize.

VR Challenge Episode 6: The Final VR Showdown

Watch as our two finalists go head to head playing two familiar titles: Space Pirate Trainer and Fruit Ninja. Does our leader to-date maintain their winning streak or will the underdog blast their way to the top to take home the championship trophy? Tune in to find out!

VR Challenge Episode 5: QuiVr

In our fifth episode of Leafly’s High Five VR Challenge, the final three contestants, armed with only an imaginary bow and a few arrows, take down as many advancing enemies as they can in the fast-paced virtual world of QuiVr. After a nail-biting sudden death round, only two contestants remain. Who will advance to the final VR showdown?

VR Challenge Episode 4: Audioshield

The stakes get higher (and so do the contestants) in our fourth episode of Leafly’s High Five VR Challenge. The remaining four participants go up against some pretty intimidating sound orbs in Audioshield as they continue to vie for first place while avoiding the dreaded consolation doughnut.

VR Challenge Episode 3: Space Pirate Trainer

In Episode 3 of Leafly’s High Five VR Challenge, the stoned contestants get one step closer to the green grand prize in an attempt to master Space Pirate Trainer.

VR Challenge Episode 2: Racket: Nx

For Round 2 of Leafly’s High Five VR Challenge, our contestants enter the psychedelic space world of Racket: Nx.

VR Challenge Episode 1: Fruit Ninja

In this inaugural episode, watch the five fearless contestants pass around the DaVinci IQ vaporizer before they slice and dice their way through a rousing game of Fruit Ninja.

Meet the Contestants:

  • Josh, the familiar bearded face found on the popular YouTube channel Strain Central
  • Sasha, AKA SilencedHippie, another social media cannabis maven
  • YouTuber and strain reviewer Ashley, better known as Positive Smash 420
  • Jamila, a cannabis enthusiast who came dressed ready to play “Space Pirate Trainer”
  • Will, a budtender by day and EDM bandmate/harp player by night

Thank you to our five participants and DaVinci for making the first ever Leafly High Five VR Challenge so much fun!

DaVinci Vaporizer
Presented ByDaVinci Vaporizer
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