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Did Past Harassment Allegations Finally Catch Up To MPP’s Rob Kampia?

In the #MeToo moment, the passage of time doesn't let leaders off the hook.

Leadership Changes at the Marijuana Policy Project

Co-founder Rob Kampia will focus on strategic development as MPP begins the search for a new executive director.

Cannabis Advocates Kick Off Democratic Convention in Philly’s Main Line Clubhouse

On the eve of the Democratic National Convention’s opening, America’s cannabis caucus held a fundraiser that put the party on notice: The era of legalization and legitimacy has arrived.

California Moving Quickly to Tax Medical Cannabis

Politicians in Sacramento are fast-tracking new taxes on medical marijuana.

The Shake: Hockey Night with Cannabis

Toronto's mayor warns of coming crackdown, cannabis borrows a play from the wine world, and legalization is more popular than both Clinton and Trump.

Crash and Burn in Burlington: How Legalization Failed in Vermont

A session that began with a serious chance to legalize in Vermont ended with no legalization, no expansion of decriminalization, and not even a commission to study the issue.

The Shake: Obama Frees 61 Inmates and Whoopi Tackles Period Pain

Microsoft's racist chatbot turns out to be a cannabis fan, a Colorado ski town considers tossing edibles, and a faithful dog brings home a massive haul.

What’s Up With Ohio’s $500,000 Application Fee? More Than You Think

Ohio's new medical marijuana amendment is raising some eyebrows, but could be the best chance for the state to legalize.

A Changing Climate for Cannabis on Capitol Hill

The Drug Policy Alliance Reform Conference is underway in Washington D.C., fostering far-reaching discussions on how to improve cannabis policy in the United States.