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Hemp Wick 101: Is It a Better Way to Burn?

We explain the basics of hemp wick and how and why to use it.

Meet Bob Snodgrass, the Hippie Deadhead Who Invented Heady Glass

Meet Bob Snodgrass, the glassblower whose proliferative techniques gave rise to a new wave of cannabis craftsmanship in the form of gorgeous, artistic pipes.

Feminist Artist Caitlin Rose Sweet Crafts Unique Anatomical Pipes

Artist Caitlin Rose Sweet talks to us about her inspirations and the craft of making smokable statement pieces with the unabashed feminist in mind.

Leafly’s Holiday Gifts: $50-$100

If you're looking to keep your spending under $100, there's an embarrassment of awesome gifts that will put smiles on faces without putting pressure on your credit card. 

Going Out of Town? Use These Tips to Fly With Your Pipe

If you’re traveling by air, consider these suggestions for safely bringing your pipe or vape for a stress-free & enjoyable commute.

Alien Invasion: Extraterrestrial Cannabis Strains & Products

Feeling spacey? These extraterrestrial cannabis strains, pipes, and products will elevate you to a distant galaxy in style.

Cannabis and Space: The Best Products for Stargazing

What better way to enjoy the annual Perseid meteor shower than with great friends & cannabis? Stargaze in style with these fun cannabis products!

The Tasteful Intersection of Art and Cannabis

Explore the beautiful pipes of PipeDream LA, a group of artists who make tasteful cannabis accessories that you can use or display as pieces of art.

Cannabis Legalization Is Shaking Up America’s Glass Market

Chinese outsourcing, vape pens, and electronic dabbing devices are upending the traditional glass market. How are America's glass artists surviving?

Tips for Buying Your First Heady Glass Pipe

Looking for an artistic glass pipe? Check out our guide to buying your first heady glass pipe to make things easier.

Where to Buy Your First Glass Cannabis Pipe

Ready to buy your first glass cannabis pipe but don’t know where to go? This guide will help you figure out where to purchase your first piece.

How to Shop for Your First Glass Flower Pipe

Buying your first glass pipe for cannabis can be confusing, so we put together this helpful guide with all the important things to consider. Take a look!

Produce the Pipe: Fruits and Vegetables That Make Good Cannabis Pipes

Looking for a new pipe? Take a look at our guide for how to make a homemade cannabis pipe out of fruits and vegetables like apples and potatoes.

What Are One-Hitter Pipes and How Are They Used to Smoke Cannabis?

One-hitter pipes are one of the most convenient ways to smoke cannabis. Learn all about one-hitters and how to use them.

Top 10 Glass Brands to Watch for in 2017

Online headshop Smoke Cartel shares their top 10 bong, pipe, and dab rig glass brands doing great things this year.

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