7 ways to make cannabis-infused hot chocolate

Published on December 20, 2022
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Get cozy and stony with these infused hot chocolate recipes. (juliasudnitskaya/Adobe Stock)

In Norway and Denmark, they have a word for creating an atmosphere of coziness and contentment—hygge. The concept sprang from a region that endures long, cold, dark winters, and their action plan for combating them.

When the days grow shorter, and the frost creeps along the window panes, evoking hygge is essential to finding joy in simple, warm comforts like hot chocolate!

Hot chocolate is easy to make, and a fresh pot goes appreciated from coast to coast, no matter how low or high your wintertime temps are.

Below, discover seven ways to enjoy delicious, cannabis-infused hot chocolate this winter season, rated on a difficulty scale of 1-5. Cozy up with a fuzzy blanket and one of these recipes in a big mug to enjoy a mellowing high and rich chocolate flavor on your tongue for the ultimate hygge evening (even if you live in Florida).

Creamy cannabis hot chocolate by Emily Kyle

( Stock)


Difficulty rating: 2 

This relatively simple recipe requires decarbed cannabis on hand, but fortunately, that’s relatively easy to make.

All you’ll need is an oven, some cannabis, and a few basic baking tools to get the job done; check out our detailed guide on how to decarboxylate your cannabis for best practices. Then you’ll be ready to whip up this tasty treat in about ten minutes!

Cannabis-infused coconut hot chocolate

coconut oil
(Africa Studio/AdobeStock)

Method:Infused coconut oil

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Difficulty rating: 3

Don’t let the name fool you, this recipe is all about the chocolate flavors, not coconut. Some places will sell infused coconut oil, but you can also make your own at home with relative ease following our recipe.

Some will prefer this to other methods due to its consistency and the flavor it adds, as well as coconut oil’s high levels of fatty acids, which bind exceptionally well with cannabinoids. 

Infused hot chocolate bombs by Janelle Lassalle

Method: Infused butter

Difficulty rating: 5

For those who love to bake and get baked, this recipe will provide enjoyment from beginning to end.

Follow the steps to create a beautiful chocolate bomb filled with cannabis-infused goodness, then drop it into warm milk and watch it dissolve into a rich, decadent treat. 

Infused hot cocoa powder mix by Caroline’s Cannabis

Method: Pre-made mix

Difficulty rating: 1

Hello simplicity! This pre-made mix by Caroline’s Cannabis can be found at dispensaries in Massachusetts and contains 5mg per packet, making dosing as easy as mixing it into your favorite choice of warm milk. Mmm!

THC-infused hot chocolate mix by Bhang

(Courtesy Bhang)

Method: Pre-made mix

Difficulty rating: 1

Coming soon to dispensaries in California, edible brand Bhang (which is itself an old cannabis-infused delicacy from India) says this rich cocoa hot chocolate infused with 5mg of THC will provide “a high that envelopes you like a warm blanket.”

Simply mix it in with your choice of warm milk and sit back, relax, and enjoy. 

Chocolate bar hot chocolate

(Oriana Koren for Leafly)

Method: Melted pre-made cannabis chocolate bar

Difficulty rating: 2

Some cocoa fanatics prefer to grate their chocolate straight into the pot. Modify a classic recipe by using a cannabis-infused chocolate bar of your choice from your local dispensary.

Simply follow the instructions to melt the chocolate slowly on low heat and combine it with milk and spices. For a lower-dose drink, choose your dose from the infused chocolate bar, and then use a regular chocolate bar for the remainder of the recipe. 

Edible dosage chart

Spicy hot chocolate with creamy hemp milk by Joy McCarthy

Method:Full-spectrum oil

Difficulty rating: 2

For something a little different, take this spicy hemp milk hot chocolate recipe and add .5 grams of full-spectrum cannabis oil (homemade or from a tincture) as you blend the ingredients.

It’s an easy way to infuse any hot chocolate recipe, but will work especially well paired with spicy cayenne to temper the flavor of the oil.

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