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National Lazy Day: The Leafly Staff Discusses the Best Ways to Relax with Cannabis

In this installment of Leafly SlackChats, we discuss the best ways to celebrate National Lazy Day, from cat snuggles to a Capes, Vapes, and Crepes Party.

The Leafly Staff Discusses the Best Sports to Watch in Rio (and Beyond) While High

In this installment of Leafly SlackChats, the Leafly staff discusses the best sports and activities to watch while high on your favorite cannabis strains.

The Leafly Staff Discusses the Best Guilty Pleasure TV Shows to Watch While High

From Kung Fury to Naked and Afraid to The Natural History of Chickens, we debate our favorite guilty pleasure TV shows that pair best with cannabis.

The Leafly Staff Discusses the Best Summer Activities to Enhance with Cannabis

In this Leafly SlackChats, we discuss the best summer activities to enjoy with cannabis, from soccer and slacklining to hiking and hammock hot-tubbing.

The Leafly Staff Discusses How We’d Outfit the Ultimate Cannabis Clubhouse

What would be in the ultimate cannabis clubhouse? From baby animals to trampolines to hammock beds, we discussed what we'd put in our dream cannabis hangout space.

What Situations Make You Paranoid When You’re High? We Debated Cannabis Paranoia

Depending on the strain or situation, sometimes unwanted paranoia can tag along with a cannabis high. We discussed the situations that heighten it, and how to deal.

Leafly Staff Debates: How Should You Talk to Your Family About Cannabis?

When should you talk to your kids about cannabis? What's the best way to "come out" to your family? How to enjoy cannabis with your parents? We discuss in Leafly SlackChats.

Are White Cheddar Cheez-Its the Perfect High Snack? We Debated the Best Munchies Ever

What is the best munchie ever when you're high? We took to our office Slack channels to discuss everything from peanut butter burgers to Cheez-It nachos to Australian licorice.