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Leafly Staff Debates: How Should You Talk to Your Family About Cannabis?

June 5, 2016
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Just as the journey is more important than the destination, sometimes the discussion is more important than the conclusion. As such, we’re kicking off a series of informal Leafly chats published largely unabridged. Viewpoints expressed are participants’ own. Enjoy!

Whether you’re coming out to your parents as a cannabis consumer, suggesting medical marijuana to your sister, or determining when and how to broach the topic with your kids, talking to your family about cannabis isn’t always easy. While some family members may routinely kick back and enjoy a joint together, others may not even feel comfortable bringing it up.

How to Come Out of the Cannabis Closet to Your Parents

Yet talking to your parents, relatives, and children about cannabis in an open, mature manner not only helps advance the societal cannabis conversation, it can bring you closer to your family members and help you better understand one another. Below, you’ll find a chat transcript where Leafly employees discuss how old their kids were when they first talked to them about cannabis, whether and how they consume cannabis with their parents, and more.

Leafly staff Slack chat discussion sharing stories about how they've talked to their family members about cannabis

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