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Inside Amsterdam’s Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

From 17th-century artwork to an exhibition of "Women of Cannabis," discover what goes on at Amsterdam's famous hemp museum.

Your Down-Low Guide to Cannabis at Coachella

Heading to Coachella but aren't sure what the cannabis policy is (or how festival attendees successfully navigate around it)? Here are some insider tips to help put you at ease.

Haute Box: 7 Essential Cannabis-Friendly Travel Accessories

Take your travel plans to a higher level with these cannabis-friendly travel accessories.

8 Amazing Places to Blaze Up in Humboldt County

Humboldt County has a lot more to offer than its incredible bud; it’s also a natural paradise filled with gorgeous landscapes and stunning views.

6 International Cannabis Strains Worth Seeking Abroad

Planning an international adventure to one of the cannabis capitals of the world? Don't miss these legendary cannabis strains, which are best enjoyed in their country of origin.

Forgot About That Joint? Vegas Airport Lets People Dump Cannabis

What happens in Vegas really can stay in Vegas.

Meet Amsterdam’s Coffeeshop Patrons (#10): Ype

In our tenth installment, Ype shares his social involvement in Amsterdam, positive changes at the local community center, and smoking among friends.

Meet Amsterdam’s Coffeeshop Patrons (#9): Florence

In our ninth installment, Florence discusses societal differences in alcohol and cannabis, childhood memories, and creative carpentry.

9 Unique Non-Airbnb, 420-Friendly Lodgings

Relax at your next cannabis destination with these 420-friendly lodgings that are as gorgeous as they are accommodating.

The People You Meet in Amsterdam Coffeeshops #8: Bianca

In our eighth Amsterdam coffeeshop profile, Bianca talks farmer's market finds and hematology while digging into a space cake for the very first time.

The People You Meet in Amsterdam Coffeeshops #7: Mark

In our seventh Amsterdam coffeeshop profile, Mark shares how the decision to buy a ’78 Volkswagen camper van was the best highdea he ever had.

The People You Meet in Amsterdam Coffeeshops #6: Pape Dioum

In our sixth Amsterdam coffeeshop profile, Pape Dioum shares stories of his years spent as a musician meeting celebrities around the world.

The Cannabis Connoisseur’s Guide to the Ultimate Weekend in Aspen

Between boasting Colorado's highest concentration of cannabis shops and offering a glitzy après-ski scene, Aspen puts its own spin on living the high life.

The Roll-Up #16: Mike Tyson’s Cannabis Resort

This week: America pushes back against Jeff Sessions, Vermont votes to go legal, and Mike Tyson plans a cannabis resort in the California desert.

The People You Meet in Amsterdam Coffeeshops #5: Adrien

In our fifth Amsterdam coffeeshop profile, Adrien shares why he and his tablemates came from France to Amsterdam to make a video.

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