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7 Scenic Smoke Spots in Ontario

Take a deep inhale—these scenic spots will have you exhaling in no time.

7 Cannabis-Friendly Summer Attractions in Canada

420-friendly destinations!

Road Trip Planner: California’s Craft Cannabis Stores

Hunt down heirloom Trainwreck, Ringo's Gift, Blue Kush, and more with this guide.

‘Stoners Aren’t Lazy,’ Says Man Who Biked 19,000 Miles While Stoned

When British cannabis enthusiast Roger Boyd decided he wanted to disprove the lazy stoner myth, he set his mind to an incredible feat: cycling for two years, in three continents, 14 countries, and over 19,000 miles.

The Traveler’s Guide to Negril, Jamaica: Where Cannabis, Food, and Culture Meet

Leave the tourist traps behind and seek out authentic cannabis, cuisine, and culture in Jamaica’s most herb-friendly region.

The 10 Best Things to Do in Amsterdam While High

Explore the vibrant and cannabis-friendly city in the heart of the Netherlands by indulging in local coffeeshops and discovering new places.

A Cannabis Connoisseur’s Guide to Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Visiting Amsterdam is a fundamental experience for anyone who loves cannabis. Here's some advice and etiquette for our favorite coffeeshops.

Tips for a Pre-Travel Cannabis Tolerance Break

Traveling to a place where cannabis isn't legal? Here are some tips to prepare by taking a cannabis tolerance break.

Weed in Your Suitcase? Canada Considering a Fine, Not Felony

"The border agency appears to recognize that some cannabis consumers might absent-mindedly leave a few joints in a jacket pocket."

3 Arrested for Trying to Smuggle Cannabis Through Boston Airport

Police say they received a tip from law enforcement in Sacramento County that suspects were traveling with large amounts of marijuana in several suitcases.

A Complete Tourism Guide to Portland’s 2018 Cannabis Scene

Portland is the place to be for all things green. This guide will show you the best stores and products for every level of consumer.

The Avid Dabber: A Review of the Magma Travel Bag

When you travel as often as I do, you appreciate the utility of a good travel bag. Here’s what I thought of the Magma Travel Bag.

From Point A to B: How to Transport Cannabis by Car in Canada

Play it safe! Put it in your trunk.

Going Out of Town? Use These Tips to Fly With Your Pipe

If you’re traveling by air, consider these suggestions for safely bringing your pipe or vape for a stress-free & enjoyable commute.

Koreans Could Face Criminal Charges for Using Cannabis in Canada

“Weed smokers will be punished according to the Korean law.”

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