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20 Ordinary Things Made Extraordinary By Cannabis

November 13, 2013

Cannabis makes most things better, but there are some everyday activities that, while medicated, often provide experiences worth telling, sharing, and repeating.

20. Practice yoga and discover parts of yourself you never thought existed.

19. Putt-putt, 18 holes, or the driving range – shanking golf balls never felt so good.

18. See shapes in the clouds or the stars and be confident in the existence of a greater power.

17. Tend to your garden and be a creator of life yourself.

16. Find a trampoline and fly like an eagle.

15. Wear sunglasses and feel fashion like you’ve never felt it before.

14. Chores are suddenly fun, which is awesome!

13. Children’s movies or anything in 3D.

12. The nature or cooking channel in HD.

11. Get your hair cut and try not to fall asleep.

10. Discuss or read philosophy and let it change the way you view the world.

9. Spend hours that feel like minutes at art walks, museums, the ballet, or the symphony.

8. Tear apart the kitchen in your at-home edition of Top Chef.

7. Feel every pore and each droplet of sweat while sunbathing.

6. Grocery stores: may no canned good go unturned and no aisle unwalked.

5. Go for a real walk and relish in the sensory overload.

4. Experience fine cuisine with dimensional flavor and multiple courses (tapas tapas tapas).

3. Shower however you want for as long as you want, unapologetically.

2. Emote with music; crank the bass and feel it in your bones.

1. Remind yourself you’re an animal by partaking in uninhibited, carnal sex.


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Kayla is a writer with an emphasis in holistic health, bioengineering, and nutrition/dietetics.

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