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DroppingSeeds Herbal Blends for Organic Spliffs Hemp CBD Bath & Body SUN Herbal Blend Tin


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

SUN is crafted to let your inner SUN shine! Unleash your revitalized, extroverted-self. Intentionally connect with the sun energy in the essence of this formula and radiate self confidence. Choose SUN as your desired state and enjoy! RECOMMENDED USAGE: -Sipping as a Therapeutic Tea -Taking a restorative Face, Foot or Body Bath -Dry Herb Vaporize with Temperatures at 298°F to 313°F -Smoke in a Ceremonial Pipe or Herbal Roll INTENDED USES: -Mood enhancer -Smoking cessation aid -Blood tonic -Nourishing dietary supplement TRADITIONAL & CLINICAL BENEFITS: Calendula -calendula officinalis-* Used as medicine by the ancient Greek, Roman, Middle Eastern, and Indian cultures for its beta carotene to boost the body’s defense mechanism. Chamomile -matricaria recutita-* Anti-bacterial properties increases the immune power of a person. Nettles -urtica dioica- Restores mood & replenishes energy with its amazingly rich protein, vitamins, and minerals. Raspberry Leaf -rubus idaeus- High concentration of Vitamin C aiding in emotional and physical energy boost. Mullein -verbascum thapsus- Improves the functioning of the thyroid gland that helps regulate the heart rate, blood pressure & body temperature.

About this brand

DroppingSeeds Herbal Blends for Organic Spliffs Logo
DroppingSeeds™ Multi-use Herbal Blends give you control of your state of being. Our herbal formulas are crafted for organic spliffs, use in tisane (herbal tea), bath, cooking, baking & aromatherapy vaping. We source our ingredients with priority on fair trade, kosher, wildcrafted and USDA Certified Organic farms. Our mission is to connect you to nature by offering non-addictive alternative formulas for smoking cessation, anti-anxiety, meditation and respiratory support. All our blends contain no tobacco, cannabis, K2, Spice, pesticides or preservatives. Just choose your desired states from our diverse collection of organic blends & enjoy!

About this strain

Champagne Kush

Champagne Kush
  1. Myrcene
  2. Terpinolene
  3. Caryophyllene

Champagne Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a variety of attributes suited to different tastes and ailments. With a pleasant and palpable weight on the limbs coupled with a heady, thoughtful mind, this strain adapts to the consumer’s needs with dosage. On the lighter end, expect a headier trip with mood enhancing effects that generally lead to a sense of well-being. But with continued consumption, this strain can lead to a weighted body and mind that feels meditative at its core.    

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