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Hatch - Addison (MED)

of the 7 or so dispensaries I've visited in CO and IL this is one of the ones I've liked better. Good variety of products, friendly and polite but not overbearing staff, not too terribly loud or bright or confusing for those of us with medical conditions that could be disorienting or distressing for those of us with certain medical conditions, actually clearly and easily wheelchair accessible, definitely will be coming back.

EarthMed - Addison (Medical)

Every other Illinois dispensary I've been to has been incredibly loud and bright and confusing, making them much much less accessible to me as a disabled person. This is the only IL dispensary I've been to where I felt safe, comfortable, and respected. The employees are actually friendly, gave me clear instructions on what I needed to do, and were able to pick up on the fact that I just wanted to get in and out and didn't need any unwanted advice on my order. It's a LONG drive from where I live but it's worth it.

Zen Leaf - St. Charles (Medical)

The dispensary is so loud that you can't hear what anyone is saying and the line of questioning about my disability felt way more invasive than it needed to be, I was pressured into disclosing information about my disability that I did not want to share just to pick up my online order. definitely the worst out of the 4 dispensaries I have visited.

Verilife - North Aurora (Medical)

the prices keep going up but the service and the variety of products offered keeps getting worse. they have a HUGE variety of edibles if that's what you want, but everything else, especially the concentrates, is extremely sparse. the lack of consistency in the stock makes it really hard if you're trying to treat a medical condition, you find something that works and they don't get it back in stock for months. Inside of the dispensary is very loud, and I did not appreciate being shouted at repeatedly by an employee from across the dispensary. I've been coming to verilife for over a year and a half and I'm just more and more disappointed every time I go. customer service wasn't too bad when I received a leaky cartridge from pts so I will give them credit for that.

Grape Ape

I don't normally leave reviews, but this strain is just too good! I am autistic and I live with anxiety and trauma, so I often find myself very stressed out and anxious, other sedative strains like gorilla glue work fine, but they leave me feeling tired after the effects wear off. this strain is great for daytime doseing, it calms my nervous system without knocking me out, so I can still go about my day and be productive, I am also still able to think clearly with it on board. I also frequently experience intestinal spasms in the morning due to food sensitivities (IBS) and anxiety, and this strain does a pretty good job calming my gut back down, and since it doesn't make me tired its great for those morning spasm wake-and-bakes. It's also not too bad for getting me to sit down and focus with my ADHD. I would definitely recommend this for anyone with a similar set of comorbid conditions. Tastes yummy too.