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Mule Fuel

This should have won strain of the year, was definitely my favorite strain in 2023. The smell, taste, look…everything a little funky, unique. Earthy and grassy smell with a mega-fuel undertone, this shit declares itself gas. Taste is pretty much like the smell, like hay and lighter fluid, and trust me it’s not as bad as that may sound. The flavor quickly drops off into a more familiar OG aftertaste. Smoke is thick and sticky. The high is immediate, no creeper here, and the part I most look forward to is how it always causes me to wander of mentally into wonderfully creative areas. I feel intuitive and closer to “the real me.” Of course, a heavy dose of relaxing euphoria accompanies this mental energy. It’s very centering, anti-anxiety…this weed feels like mental medicine. I love it, I buy it whenever it’s available and I miss it when I switch to another strain. If you found this because you’re thinking about buying it, obviously I think you need to try it. 9 stars out of 5.


Beautiful nugs, break up sticky. Smells similar to tangie, just nails that classic orange stank! The taste and weight of the smoke is luxury, it just smokes premium. Thick and creamy and the exhale is probably my favorite of all time. Then there’s the high, medium-intensity head high with a nice coat of relaxation and euphoria. Really awesome, feels like I just got a massage or something. This one’s just right.

Rainbow Belts

These buds are smaller, super dense and nothing to write home about appearance-wise: They’re pastel green, a few hairs, not too much else going on here. The smells is similar to Zkittles and if you’ve never had that then I’ll tell you it’s incredible sweet candy smell with a slight floral undertone. A fun, unique and inviting scent. I love the effects of Zkittles so I’m hoping for more of the same here. This grinds up a flat, pastel green and the intense candy smell intensifies in the grinder. The small buds fluff out considerably here, too, with one smaller nug becoming three bowls worth in the grinder…nice! I take a hit. The first one exhales just like Zkittles. That aftertaste from Fruity Pebbles cereal as a kid, wowzers I’m in love. The second hit is different, the earthy industrial flavor of the moonbow jumps in front of the Zkittles and drops the fun I’m having just a hair. Now the buzz comes on, my inner dialogue is cranked up a touch and is very inquisitive, staying away from negativity and just delighted in pondering whatever random thoughts pop in and out. I’m mentally floating but feel a sensation of inner peace and clarity, even as some light time-bending sensations play with my perception. This weed is also relaxing, leaning more into the indica with mild pain relief but nothing in the way of hunger or thirst. I’m very content, this is some Zen shit. The head effects taper off after less than half an hour, but linger a bit longer as the body effects increase my well-being with mild lazy tendencies and good relaxation. This one’s for the inner hippie in us all. A wide variety of effects, most of them mild, create an enjoyable-if short lived-experience ideal for social gatherings, creativity, winding down, or anytime you need a good pick-me-up. Good for all experience levels, medicinal patients and high-tolerance users might require something more. My 3.5 gram jar from Ember Valley tested at 27.6% thc and was enjoyed through a standard issue glass bowl.

Orange Banana

Let me start by saying the three stars is nothing against Wonderbrett. They clearly care about cannabis and it’s a great showing from every aspect. The packaging is great for the internet video unboxing crowd. Opening the all black jar I’m greater with a terrific smell of sweet tangerines and fresh pine needles, similar to Tangie. The look of these buds, trimmed to showcase the natural spade shape, flecks of blueish purple and dark green, little orange hairs… beautiful nugs. Presentation and packaging is top notch. I’m so ready to grind these suckers up, which produces a zesty, floral, limey scent. Tons to smell here! Nice. I pack a huge bowl and light it up. First hit is amazing. Long lasting, sweet and fruit-juicy and floral. Smoke exhales a bit harsh but there’s so much damn flavor in it I don’t seem to mind. Nope, it’s not gonna get me there on one hit. I take another, then another. Yum. The sweetness is addictive. The high comes in gently, it’s calming, relaxing, not overwhelming, not very cerebral. If weed makes you anxious this might be a great choice, it’s kind of the opposite of that, but the cost is a high that comes in calmly and never really developed much past it. I smoked the whole big bowl and while the taste was memorable and I’m excited for the next one, the lackluster high kind of makes me feel like the flavor is the best part. So, that’s why it gets three stars. If the high was a touch more intense, or a bit more euphoric, or slightly better pain relief I could rate it higher. But everything else about this flower eludes to an amazing high that just isn’t there. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still recommend it to anyone if you value great tasting smoke or want to smoke but have anxiety issues. If your looking for A+ weed for the A+ price, skip it.


These nugs are especially dense, very sticky and smell powerful: zesty, floral and sweet. The jar appeal is mixed because the density makes an 1/8th look quite small but the nugs themselves are gorgeous. Pastel green with flecks of purple and dark green all absolutely encased in tricomes. The taste is piney and earthy with a lemon zest aftertaste and sticky smoke that clings to the lungs like heavy indica does. The high started fast and built to an unexpected hybrid one-two punch of massive head and body effects. Wow, nice and stoned now. The initial head blast turns down after 10-15 minutes and waves of satisfying relaxation glue me to the couch and I ain’t going anywhere. Excellent pain relief. Really chill with the anxiety, no racey sativaesque nonsense going on. A+


It’s mostly lime green with penny-colored hairs and a powdered sugar like dusting of trichomes. Smell is immediately sweet jet fuel with a dash of black pepper. The taste is thick earthy flower with that same black pepper zip at the end. Not super tasty but the effects come on immediately and make me not care. Smoked half a bowl and Im super relaxed! Not much going on in the head, indica dominant cut for sure! Not stoned to where I can’t do anything it’s just if I had a preference right now I’m not moving. Put on some cartoons and I have zero cares. Great for depression and anxiety. Good pain relief. Enjoy this one!


Grinds up pastel green and purple! Smells so sweet, like a caramel latte with a dry grass undertone. Taste is more floral, sugary and utterly smooth on the inhale. You’ll feel it grip your lungs as you let it out! Powerful head high! Euphoric, lots of inner-dialogue, I felt more clever and creative than usual and I had no trouble communicating my thoughts into words, which is strange for me in my most sober. So I must say it helps with thought organization and mental relaxation. About 45 minutes of playing in this mental sandbox before the high subsides and the calming, clean body high takes over and gradually winds down to sobriety with no negative side effects to speak of. A completely gentle drop off. I was left feeling positive and grateful for the experience. Closer to the universe, at peace with my life and excited for the future. An exceptional cannabis experience worth the hefty price of the 1/8 I got from Urbn Leaf. I can’t afford this everyday but as a special occasion strain or special treat I can’t recommend it more.


Straight fire. The appearance is kind of yellowish-green in color with little orange hairs blending in to create a pleasing appearance though not insane jar appeal. Smell is dank, piney-lemon and earthy-sweet. Taste is piney with a smooth gelato back-end. Very tasty!! Smoke is mildly-harsh. The effects beam you up in to outer-effing space where you will be lost in an incredibly euphoric but spacey and intense head and body hybrid experience. Certainly for experienced users only, and I mean hold onto your butt!. The head high lasts for a full mind-bending hour which could sit well with the most intense of Sativas before dropping you off in a clear-headed relaxation zone where listening to music, watching a movie or just laying around and not moving are excellent activity choices. This stuff is pricey but the insane quality high is worth the price of admission. The high is just about perfect.

Ice Cream Cake

Beautiful pastel green and purple nugs littered with pale orange hairs and caked in THC crystals that sparkle in the light. Smell is sweet-skunk with a slight pine and fills the room once you open the jar. Tastes super piney with an earthy undertone and slightly mint on the finish...really tasty! Smoke is smooth at first but gets harsh as you go. The high happens in a few minutes, starting in the head for a few moments before doing a complete 180 and beginning a relaxing, calming mild indica high that feels so good on the couch without trapping me there. The top shelf flower I purchased from Urbn Leaf in Bay Park San Diego lasted several luxurious hours and came straight from Seed Junky Genetics. Excellent strain that will be familiar and different to Wedding Cake fans.

Gorilla Cookies

Smallish nugs, pastel green with blotches of dark green and fire orange hairs with a healthy dusting of crystals. Grinds up with a smell of earthy-fuel masking a sweet, doughy undertone. The taste is spicy, earthy on the inhale and hits harsh in the lungs with a lingering spicy and sweet exhale. The high is of the creeper variety, with an initial tingle turning on fully 10 minutes later. Pretty standard hybrid buzz. Not too intense in any regard, everything is pleasantly mild. Mild head high, mild body buzz, mild pain relief, mild relaxation, mild, mild, mild. It’s not disappointingly mild, you’ll know you’re stoned but If you want to get stoned without feeling “too” high this is certainly one to consider. The head buzz simmers down about five minutes after it begins and the remaining sensation is an indica born relaxation with a desire to be lazy without the necessity. Those of you looking to move into outer-space for a few hours need to look elsewhere but if you want a buzz that can not freak you out, give this one a try.