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Pina Colada

My personal Goldilocks strain. I’ve tried many high-CBD/low-THC strains, and Lilly is by far my favorite. The cannabinoid and terpene profile just seems to match my medicinal needs and body chemistry perfectly. It’s both relaxing and stimulating at the same time, like that perfect cup of tea in the afternoon. My anxiety and stress just slip away, with the added bonus of stimulating sativa effects. Some other similar CBD strains either settle in too heavy in the body, or the TCH hits my head a little too hard in the beginning. Not so with Lilly. Depending on how many hits I take, and where my tolerance level is at, it works out to be a microdose of THC. Also good for easing back in after a tolerance break, and for novice users. Vaping the flower, I find the taste a little spicy, and a lot umami, if you can believe that. Thank you Lazy Bee Gardens for producing this quality herb, and for going the extra mile in providing additional test data on the label. I just wish it wasn’t so hard to find. Please grow more!

Grass & Glass - Seattle

Travelers should know that this pot shop does not accept a passport as ID, as I found out after I took a bus to get there. Don’t go out of your way to shop here unless you have a state-issued ID/DL. The staff was friendly and apologetic, and obviously it’s not their fault, but the owner’s.

Night Nurse

Does what it says on the tin. It’s not especially fun, but the sedating properties are useful and welcome. After a vape session, I can feel my neck and shoulders finally relax. When I go horizontal, I get that great feeling of sinking into the bed. It’s a bit harsh on the throat, which surprised me, since I don’t normally have that problem when I vape my herb. Still, Night Nurse is A+ for catching some Zs.

Laughing Buddha

This one hit hard, and faded fast. Initially a powerful, upbeat cerebral high, its effects were barely noticeable after an hour. I love sativas, but this one is not for me. Not when there are other strains out there with more even, lasting effects.

Green Crack

One of my reliable, go-to faves. Some crops are better than others, and some producers are better than others, but it’s a quality herb every time. And being so popular, it’s easy to find. Peppy and upbeat, I can get up and do yard work & chores on this stuff. As long as I’m careful not to overdo it, I don’t have problems with Green Crack making me anxious. Sometimes I add a few crumbs of a high-CBD strain, if the batch I get has low/no CBD content.

Lux Pot Shop - Lake City

Meh. You don’t always get what you pay for. I’ve had some good transactions in the past, but this shop was never anything special. I like variety and frequently try new strains, so I end up here once in awhile, even though I generally prefer their neighboring competitors. When I got home from my most recent visit to Lux, I noticed the gram of flower I’d just bought was a year old. After sitting in a cheap plastic packet all that time, the fragrance had faded. Tell me again why I should be happy to pay higher prices than their neighbors charge?

Platinum Cookies

Meh. For me, this strain is good only for knocking myself out at night. It makes me dizzy, and I feel an immediate need to go horizontal. I doesn’t make me feel particularly high: no head trip, no yummy body tingles, no sense of euphoria. I do sleep well after hitting it, though, which is why I’m giving it 3 stars.