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Old Skool Remedies Natural CBD Vape Cartridges (.5g) 300mg CBD

I decided to give this a try, since I live in a state where weed is still illegal. I just started taking it yesterday and half already noticed some benefits... I have acid reflux and constipation this almost immediately got things moving better there. It has taken the edge off of my anxiety quite a bit, and usually I have really bad insomnia I take Seroquel for that, last night I took my second dose before bed and slept so good! I woke up feeling more energized, with next to zero anxiety. My only complaint is the price is kinda ​high, as long as I can afford it I will buy more!


Moved to South Carolina in December. Was disappointed in alot of strains when I lived in Tucson and had my mmj card. Have tried strains in the past that were suppose to be GSC, but do not think they were. This stuff I have now, fits Leafly's overview of how the strain is suppose to be 2 a T. This stuff gives you a ride. Been having bad hip dysplasia pain, and this stuff KO's it like a champ. Also makes me feel extremely creative, and feels like I am letting go of alot of negative stuff when I smoke it. Also helps with stress, and insomnia.

Blue Dream

This is one of my fave. strains, and this is the best bud as far as potency and quality I have got in while, and I am a heavy hitter. Was $ close to $90 for what I got two 8ths. I am a disabled veteran so, I can't buy it as often as I need, but this strain is a def. must.

The Apothecary

Got some excellent Blue Dream, have only been here a few times, and they are becoming my top dispensary choice. The Blue Dream I got, has some of the best buds I have got in while. If these guys stick down this path of quality, make the buds less dry, and bigger, the will be hitting on the nose.

Curaleaf Tucson Oracle

This was my last time to Bloom. I understand the staff was a bit stressed, because the almighty "system" was down, however I am a disabled veteran, and after setting in the lobby chair for a long wait, they wanted me to sit down again and wait once my goods were up front, my friend told them I was disabled and could not sit in the chairs anymore and the chick behind the counter with glasses got huffy about that. The system being down also meant that gave me no discounts, not even my veterans discount, so the total came out to more than I thought, and could not get everything I ordered. I got Holy Grail and Dr. Who, both of which were EXTREMELY I mean crumbling in your fingers dry, and got worse after the packages got open. The Dr. Who was decent, Holy Grail I expected to be ALOT better and was not impressed with it.

White Zombie

I have really bad anxiety and depression, and some hybrids hit me bad in the anxiety end, but not this one. The buds were nice, and the taste, oh man, nice, my friend compared it to the taste of an old fashioned cigar. I am a White Zombie fan, so yes I was drawn to this before since I had never heard or seen the strain. I would get it again. It is a good day time med, that allows me to be functional, yet relaxed and in a good mood.

Purple Med Healing Center

The one thing about Purple Med., is they have some constancy, went here for the Krypto, buds were nicer than what I have been getting elsewhere lately, not the little popcorn underdeveloped looking buds. However, this Krypto affecting me different than the last, and not in a good way. The lady at the window is always nice, but the guys in the back act weird, like they are afraid to talk and build any customer repor, I don't like that, they make me feel weird, like you can't even talk to them, or ask questions. I think the lady in the front should be budtender, she is the only one there that seems to have any customer skills. The free preroll of mixed berry sucked ass, and burnt fast...they are not using the better quality paper that some other dispenseries are using, and seemed like a mix of "house shake" was used to make the pre-rolls, not even really worth giving away guys. Isn't the point of giving a customer something free, to say ty for being a return customer? Filling them with shit weed, and using shit paper does not convey that message well. Will I return? Not for a long while.

Nature Med (Med/Rec)

This was our third time here. I like the potency of the buds, but damn they are really dry! I know that is to be be expected some what from living in AZ. but the Blueberry was waaay dry like crumble between your fingers dry, I think in this case the price should be lowered, otherwise customers feel cheated... Bud that dry burns faster, & empties your wallet even faster. This is my only major complaint about these guys so far! Blue Knight, and the Kush are also good stuff!


This was my first time trying this strain, and I smoked it as a preroll. This hit me with a really bomb head high right out the gate, but as it mellowed it tapered way down to a pleasant high that leaves me able to function and have a pretty good mood. Not sure how my husband liked it yet. I would def. like to try this again.

Sugar Punch

My first time trying this strain, and my husband and I both really did not like it. It increased my anxiety, made my mind race, and makes us feel kind of depressed, not a good high. The bud quality, potency and all is fine, just not a good fit for us.