Berkeley Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The Berkeley I have tried comes from the Portland, OR area. I have found it to be quite potent and a very up high. I am a long time cannabis user, so it takes something good to impress me. One problem with these reviews is that we might not actually be talking about the same strain even though it is named the same as something we previously tried.”

  • “I loved the lil sample I got...tasted great and I do love me a good, quick sativa high!”

  • “Smells medically Really Sticky! Little Orange hairs Color Lean Green Breaks Up Like A Fluffy Cloud Looks Beautiful In Bowel Burns Like A Bitch Feeling Faded-One Hit super high spriskies”

  • “Berkeley is wild. Very intense, buzzing head high, with a kick of power. A very potent strain that will get you tripping real quick. But not a strain for new smokers as the paranoia is not a joke.”

  • “I got some of this in Stockton, and it competes with chocolope for best sativa in my opinion.”

  • “Once again tolerance. Smelled good and I think it made me tired”

  • “Thought provoking, energetic, pleasant and a little warm in a hot cocoa on a cold day kind of way. Flowery aroma with undertones of ammonia. Smooth toke; voluminous. Breath taking.”

  • “Was pretty faded for the first hour, haven't had something hit me like that in a while. Really enjoyed this one”