Blue Magic Reviews

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  • “The smell is fruitful berry cream fragrance. Blue Magic has a smooth blueberry Greek yogurt flavor. The effects are energetic, uplifting, helps with fatigue, pain, muscles spasms, mental and physical strength, mental and physical focus, depression, SEVERE AND MODERATE PTSD, and anxiety.”

  • “I had initially purchased this under the impression it was an Indica Hybrid but according to leafly this is a Sativa. No matter, I really did enjoy this one. I smoked 0.17g out of a pipe. I felt like the herb was slightly moist so this weight may be inflated a bit. The taste was distinctly citrusy and sweet. The combusted smoke did smell a bit cheesy and unpleasant (to me) but I noted none of these flavors and th...”

  • “big dark green fluffy buds. dense, pretty, and a little too dry. fingers got all sticky touching it. it is a blue dream sativa dominant cross with 23.27% THC!!!!! it's one of the highest tested strains ever. sharp, aromatic, fruity smell. i had this strain for almost a week before i got to it. i got a crush on "hog" and "fucking incredible" and forgot i even had this. what a mistake! superbaked with a side of munchi...”

  • “quick high that hits you like silver haze, but the taste is what kills it imo No anxiety, more energy....just the best sativa I've effed wit in a while.”

  • RLO

    “I am not usually a big fan of sativa dominant strains but boy did I find an exception in Blue Magic. A strong initial sense of euphoria followed by a very smooth sense of relaxation. Picked up a gram pre-roll of this from Pakalolo, will definitely go back to buy some of the beautiful buds.”

  • “its fucking awesome”

  • “Smoking this one is pretty magical haha but seriously, I love lots about this strain. For me it has a blueberry fruity smell with a nice tobacco punch at the end. Lots of nice hairs and a sticky texture. Burned easy in the water bong and no real coughing, easy on the asthma. Excellent euphoria off the top but does really mellow to a nice relaxation. Description says focused but not me- I caught myself a couple times ...”

  • “My best heart favorite is lot high.. Love it.”