Crystal Coma Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wow. Just WOW. Here is a real in depth review of what i have just fucking felt... If you are a person with a type B personality ( Creative thinker/ artist mindset / sensitive / insecure ) this will pierce all of the layers of you. This will bring you back to old times. Smoke enough of it and you will have an overflow of emotions and energy flow into you. If you smoke kush because you feel alone. This will re-evaluat...”

  • “Wow, this is a really rare strain, it's so powerful that I can't even describe it. First thing you feel is happiness and energy. Then u get really hungry. If u don't eat, u will be in a come *KaBooM*”

  • “My boyfriend and I have been smoking this all weekend, and we've agreed that it's our favorite strain. It smells a little like coffee, but it has a spicey taste with a hit of a diesel flavor. Makes your body tingly, and definitely causes the giggles.”

  • “Really great strain for body buzz with maintained functionality. Awesome daytime smoke.”

  • “Wow it is the best one I have tried so far this is one you might want to take before you go to sleep. It has a smooth taste to it you'll be up for a while and next thing you know boom your in Bed K.O.!”

  • “Crystal comaaa, I am in a crystal coma. Ridiculously hard-hitting for a sativa, I picked up some of this bc the reviews on leafly made it sound cool. Effects: initially there's an intense rush of relaxation/happiness/euphoria. This is one of the most euphoric strains I've ever had actually. Then a light, weird body load kicks in and it's like you're stoned several ways at once. It's hard to describe…it's not a more c...”

  • “Almost identical to supersilver haze, but with an added cheesyness(in a good way)!!! Very well rounded sativa that mist indica smokers could appreciate;)”

  • “I love this bud! It tastes super nice, has a great 'couch-lock' like high, and doesn't have a 'come down' like some heavy hybrids.”