Frostbite Reviews

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  • “Unfortunately this Leafly review is incorrect. The Frostbite strain was created in Phoenix in 2012 after medical marijuana initiatives were passed In AZ. It is a cross of TGA subcool deep purple combined with a pure Afghan Kush indica. It has a slightly purple color but mostly appears white because of the heavy coating of trichomes. This strain has a strong fruity and skunky smell similar to Grand Daddy purple(GDP) ...”

  • “I just had my wisdom teeth taken out, and this has been a wonder at keeping me eased and the pain down. The strain has beautiful crystals and bark red-purple hairs, with beautiful fluffy but tight buds. Smokes excellently in the bowl and has a clean fresh taste. One of my top 10 favorites.”

  • “once again, over rated sativa. what is with you sativa people? there's nothing to me more rewarding in a bag of buds, then characteristics of indica. low stems. not stringy. grown right. this sativa, like all sativas is inconsistent and frankly, the powder puff of football. I like my weed like I like my football: hard hitting. this is so not hard hitting”

  • “Amsterdam's Garden Classification: Sativa-dominant hybrid Medical Uses: Loss of appetite, migraines, anxiety, depression, nausea, glaucoma, arthritis Buzz Rating: Frostbite is has pungent flavors of skunk, hash, earth and pine with a slightly spicy exhale. It smells just how it tastes. This bud has average smoke expansion and hits within a few minutes. This Sativa-dominant strain is great for da...”

  • “I have tried this for the first time in Vape Liquid form. It has been wonderful. It has helped with pain from a very intense ear infection, while allowing me to still function/concentrate on what I am doing.”

  • “Really great strain, noticeable "cooling" effect. Tasty and refreshing to smoke, you can even use some of this at night and it won't get you wound up”

  • “This strain is comparable to white widow for my partner and I. A lesser version of white widow. Very uplifting and euphoric. Lazy feeling but not too bad like being sleepy. Definitely periods of couch-lock if the tele is on. Overall nice high, definitely will do again.”

  • “Kickass strain. Opened the bag and it smelled like tea. Little skeptical at first. Smoked up a fatty and got stupid. Great bud to kick back with. Love it”