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Killing Fields Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “i took some straight aggressive hits out my bong and 2 bowls later i was tripping balls. i laughed so hard at music rap was best lol. it smelled like grape and was a gold mine of purp.”

  • “well to start off this is such a beautiful plant to grow, I have grown killing fields every year since I first discovered this amazing purple sativa. there is a purple pheno an a green pheno of the killing fields, they both are stoney an both a very sativa. the purp smells like a mixture of grapes an chocolate an citrus to me but still very fruity the taste is of a fruity earth taste. the high from the pkf is very ...”

  • “This beautiful strains is one of the best I've ever tried. The effect just made me happy, giggly... Just plain euphoric. It made me have a great time with my friends despite the -16ºC here in sweden.”

  • “Very potent strain, don't know the THC concentration but would love to find out. Unfortunately, it also gives me a feeling of anxiety, but that may be more due to set and setting than the strain itself. Highly potent, highly recommended.”

  • “100% sativa weed, you can't sleep with this weed!”

  • “The color and smell of this are just insane. Budtender said it "was the closest to a pure sativa as he had ever seen", and I have to agree. Uplifting, energizing cerebral high after just a few hits, with no signs of coming down any time soon. If you've got shit to power through, this is the one to reach for.”

  • “This "killer" strain hits you with a very nice sativa buzz that will put a nice pep in your step! Get ready for a nice taste to your palate, with a lemon-berrish and piney taste. I much enjoy the trippy head buzz. I enjoy the trippy head buzz and the functional/positive outlook it tends to deliver. Furthermore, the way it promotes energy and clarity to my daily long distance runs or the "up" needed to handle my ...”

  • “Very productive flower. Energetic and uplifting feelings. Taste is clean and Mello. Smoke is not harsh or dense.”