Lemon Cake Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I'm not gonna lie, I feel stress free right now”

  • “Super strong, very "caked" with kief. rolled 1/8th into joint a and filled up my entire kief chamber. Definelty potent though. I've never smoked a Sativa that gives me couch lock/space out hella but this strain does.”

  • “I had lemon cake from the island Dutch centre from hamilton it literally smells like a lemon cake crazy light green buds and rich creamy smoke a+ quality”

  • “Not unlike a hit of caffeine from coffee. Speediness in the body expressed through physical energy and a desire to move. Turbos you up up to 10. Mind is noticeably disabled. Higher thinking is tamped out forcing you to relax and not think much. Would be a challenge at work or any situation where you have to recall things. You’d be left grasping for too long. The positive side effect is it spaces you the fuck out! Ser...”

  • “as i taste it now its every good and im in florida right now too”

  • “This strain is definitely flavorful , I'm using flash wet and the citrus and sweet highlights are obvious before I even spark it . The high is very good euphoric energetic high that allows the user to have the painkiller effects of a indica and the great energy feel of sativa”

  • “Total Active Cannabinoids 21.7% CBD 0% THC 20.4% Terpenes 3.5% So that's my label. I'm smoking a joint and I hit a couple a bowls on a bong. Very relaxing, yet energetic. The smell is awesome! Lemon more than cheese but the cheesiness lingers. Perfect for a lunch break toke.”