Lemon G Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Decided to pickup a half ounce from my local dispensary, I gotta say this particular batch is quite stoney and gives an indica feel similar to its G13 parent. This Lemon G also has a strong lemon scent and I'd say it isn't too harsh of a smoke. I give it a 4/5”

  • “I received an 1/8 of this from a dealer and was told it was lemon g. as long as I lived in Ohio I had never tried this strain. the bud was beautiful, dense, frosty and it smelled very lemony. so on Saturday night I seshed with my friends and we shared a blunt with maybe 1.5 in it and we couldn't stop laughing and cracking jokes. it got to the point where we couldn't breathe from laughing. after the high it put me dir...”

  • “I actually passed out from a single hit of some Lemon G from OU in Athens, OH.”

  • “Athens to Cincinnati, lemon G is a southern Ohio strain. Been smokin it for years always and forever my favorite.”

  • “Great strain . Quick head high. Felt very creative when on this was able to write a lot.”

  • “The epitome of citrus flavor. You can smell this strain walking into the dispensary, even with it in a sealed jar. No joke. If you love that lemony smell and taste, this strain is a no-brainer for you. One of the best feeling sativas I've ever had the pleasure of smoking. Not crazy potent, but definitely a nice cerebral buzz to get that conversation started. Day-time bud, or a night-time bud if you're planning on say...”

  • “Smoked 1 hit from a small bowl and was very well medicated. Giggled and laughed with my girlfriend at silly things quickly. Proceeded to feel 'iced', where my body was a pleasant numb feeling. I was aware of what I was physically doing with it, but I couldn't feel it. It was as if I was watching my body go about its business from within my own head. My muscles were incredibly relaxed, to the point I was shaking. Had ...”

  • “Full, dense, perfectly trimmed nugs coated in trichomes and a nice amount of orange hairs. Pungent, sweet, lemony aroma that reminds me of a lemon cleaning solvent, like lemon pledge. Once ground up, the aroma becomes even more pungent and the smell begins to fill the room. When smoking, it taste like it smells, but in a good way, and the flavor becomes much stronger on the exhale. With mainly a rushing head high whi...”