Love Potion #1 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I tried this because of the sexual reviews.. Well it does make you horny. After taking this I ended up having a 1 hour hard on, I smoked this alone, wanting just a calm relaxation, instead it made me want to have sex.. with no sex partner around I had to masturbate to online porn.”

  • “Wow. So my girlfriend and I bought this, completely not making the connection between the name and effects. Needless to say, it's done great things for both of our libidos. I take medications that decrease mine and it can make things tough while in a relationship. Love Potion #1 has definitely helped me. I also really enjoy how it makes me want to draw and play music. Some pretty cool portraits have come out of smoki...”

  • “This makes you so horny ha! And if you actually get some it makes intercourse feel better and longer ! Lots of energy! Very euphoric! But when you come down 3 hours later expect to be very tired and aroused. Defiantly pick this up.”

  • “Sorry for the 5 stars... but... OH MYYYYYY! If you can get ahold of some of this Love Potion #1, you have accomplished a feat of hedonism. This strain is the pinnacle if you are searching for that 'getting in the mood' evening, morning, afternoon delight or when ever a strong wind blows. No paranoia, just a sweet feeling of euphoria along with a nice pain and stress release. Definitely felt like dancing, writing po...”

  • “yea you get a chubby”

  • “One of my favourites!!! Got to try some out of a sativa sample pack I purchased, Love Potion is just unreal. the buzz is smooth and creamy, mellow and creative, with a heavy dash of arousal. Definitely sex weed.”

  • “Overall it was a nice day time high. Allowed me to be creative and still productive. Taste has a nice citrus finish and I would recommend this for use right before heading to bed with your bf/gf”

  • “amazing super sativa great buzz without much anxiety or paranoia. great lemon pine smell. anyone who enjoys sativa needs to try this.”