Strawberry Blue Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smoke: We smoked it from a joint which was small and tightly wrapped. We didn't even need that much. Probably about .2 between 3 people was definitely enough. Shortly after we lit up we were squinting our eyes and laughing at jokes. I would recommend this for a day time smoke and definitely for an active schedule. Its definitely not tiring and am able to go about my daily business. Taste: The taste is very swee...”

  • “This leaves me energized. I'm behind a computer a lot using graphic design software. This is good cannabis for focus. Just a hit or two of this and I get totally engaged in my work. I'm prone to paranoia when I smoke sativas; that doesn't happen with this weed, long as I don't hit it too hard.”

  • “Picked this little gem up from Advanced Farm & Garden in Ypsilanti. Strawberry Blue was a great Sativa dominant strain for me that provided a good head high, and moderate body buzz (no couch lock here). Burned smooth with an opening sweet flavor, and had a sweet berry flavor in the vape as well. A daytime, anytime, for sure. Providing euphoric and uplifting effects, and moderate pain relief. Recommended for Daily Use...”

  • “It's good stuff if you really like a dizzy body drunk feeling. High energy at times, happy feeling. Not much of a mental high for a chronic user. Definitely has it's uses though! Great for getting housework done.”

  • “very nice strawberry. one of the darkest ghastly buds ive ever seen. tiny berry notes, heavy strawberry smell and flavor. if you love strawberries and black weed this should be high on the list.”

  • “Vaped half a gram, dried only for a week Hermied really bad, plenty of seeds ( my fault, light leaks ) High is actually amazing, exactly as described: happy, uplifted, euphoric while being relaxed but not at all couch locked. Great for getting things done, no down time or anxiety if prone to, last about 2 hours ( popcorn buds ) It's not overly powerful but just perfect for work, even all times of day ( veteran sm...”

  • “nice strain similar to Haze excellent for pain relief”

  • “Tastes strongly like a strawberry with lighter smooth exhale. Amazing color in this shatter from terpalicious extracts. Reminds me a bit of jack on the exhale but definitely a good mellow Head high great for beginners in my opinion. Very Terpy and good for most occasions as its not overpowering or couch locking.”